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Revere Calling, our easy-to-use calling platform, enables you to set up toll-free or local telephone numbers for driving supporters to members of Congress, state legislators, governors and attorneys general. Calling also features a robust auto-dialer than enables you to schedule calls to your supporters. You may have seen it in action on Daily Action, White House Inc. or Drunk Dial Congress.

The technology is not just for calling your own Congress and state senators. You can create a custom audience targeting specific committees, municipal governments, city hall, or even corporate headquarters.

Revere Calling is the only calling tool that comes with a built-in SMS platform. Revere Mobile sends callers a text after the call ends that invites them to join a mobile list, storing them as activists that can instantaneously be contacted for rapid response or contribution asks.

Transparent month-to-month pricing allows your organization to only use the technology when needed. Setup is quick, and reporting is in real-time.

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