New Click-to-Call Site Connects Callers with Random Trump Businesses All Over the World

WASHINGTON, DC — In a recent Twitter rant, President-elect Donald Trump said he will announce his plans for his business on December 15th. So far, there is no indication that he will actually sell his business and divest his family’s stake. By not divesting himself from his businesses, he’s actually creating satellite White Houses all over the world. That means we have dozens of phone numbers we can use to reach the president and discuss the issues that matter most.

Creative Majority PAC is launching, a new website and calling tool powered by Revolution Messaging to help Americans do just that. will connect callers with a randomly selected Trump property so they can let our President-elect know what’s on their minds.

“Foreign leaders and Wall street executives know that if they want to reach out to our President-elect, they just have to connect with his business associates. Now with the American people have a direct line to Trump too,” said Scott Goodstein, co-founder of Creative Majority PAC and CEO of Revolution Messaging.

“In the aftermath of this year’s elections, millions of Americans are looking for ways to get more involved politically. Picking up the phone to call those in a position of power is the most effective way to do that,” said Keegan Goudiss, Creative Majority PAC co-founder and advertising director at Revolution Messaging. is powered by Revere Calling, Revolution Messaging’s calling technology which offers unmatched ease of use and extensive feedback data to let campaigns track the success of their calling efforts. is brought to you by the same team that created the viral hit during the government shutdown in 2013.

Chief ethics lawyers to both former President George W. Bush and President Obama say that Trump must divest his company assets. So does the Office of Government Ethics. But this raises serious questions, like:

  • If he sold his business, how would foreign leaders show him that they care by staying in his resorts and greenlighting new projects around the globe?
  • If he sold off the Trump brands, how would you and I show our patriotism by donning our Chinese-made Trump neck ties and shopping Ivanka’s looks from her meetings with foreign leader – business partners?

In the final days before Trump announces his business plans, Americans must use this critical time to call our President-elect at his satellite offices around the world to discuss the important issues facing our country.


Until President Elect Donald Trump divests fully from his businesses, his properties represent satellite White Houses all over the world. In a moment, you’ll be connected to a random Trump Hotel, Resort or Golf Course. But don’t think of it as a resort, think of it as the oval office. Tell them how you feel about Trump’s wall, his threat to revoke citizenship for flag burning, or whatever issue’s been on your mind. Paid for by Thanks.

Creative Majority is a political action committee of the creative class, run by and for artists, musicians and writers banding together to hold politicians accountable.

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