“‘I was totally against the war in Iraq.’

It was the lie heard around the world at the Commander-in-Chief Forum earlier this month. But moderator Matt Lauer failed to rebut Donald Trump’s claim with any of the bevy of evidence available to prove the statement false. It was an enormous blow to have this statement go unchecked, but campaigns can’t control the moderator and need to focus on what they can control. The narrative coming out of the first presidential debate will dominate the news cycle and could set the tone for the final stretch of the campaign. One hundred million people may watch Monday’s debate. If we want to ensure Donald Trump doesn’t get away with lying at the debate, a huge (yuuuge?) digital ad presence will be needed.

Clinton has assembled one of the best teams in modern politics, is raising hundreds of millions of dollars, and has well-funded allies running independent expenditures on her behalf. Yet in key battleground states she is running neck and neck with a reality TV star who bankrupts businesses, incites racial violence and thinks America will be great as long as we have a giant wall on the border with Mexico. Why is this? Because Trump is a master of media, and has proven wrong anyone who ever doubted the adage “any press is good press.” The world of media has completely changed. When running against a non-traditional candidate such as Trump it’s clear the TV ads are not working.”

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