“If the effort to phone Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) is any indication, President-elect Donald Trump’s properties may be about to get inundated with calls.

Digital firm Revolution Messaging and the liberal Creative Majority PAC launched an online phone bank designed to connect callers with Trump properties around the world in order to express their concerns about his upcoming presidency.

The effort — channeled through WhiteHouseInc.org — hopes to push Trump toward selling off his corporate assets as a way to guard against conflicts of interest when he becomes president. Trump has not been clear about whether he is planning to divest from his business between now and Jan. 20 or merely transfer its management to his three eldest children.

Would-be participants sign up on the website with their phone number and email address, then receive a phone call that connects them with a Trump property.

WhiteHouseInc.org struck a biting tone as it urged readers to sign up for the call list.”

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