“President-elect Donald Trump. For a world that expected a different election result, the photographs of Trump’s first post-election visit to the White House were almost jarring. Many were surprised to see President Obama shaking hands with the man who spent years smearing him with conspiracy theories about his birth certificate. But this is how it works: History demands contrasts when parties transfer power, and graciousness in front of the camera’s lens. I know firsthand: For 5 years it was my job to chase after Senator and then President Obama with cameras of various kinds. I was there, cameras in tow, on November 10, 2008, when President-elect Obama met with President George W. Bush at the White House.

It was a study in contrast: The graying tired and deeply unpopular President Bush and the fresh young former junior senator from Illinois, empowered with a national mandate. “People think I’m doing a pretty terrible job. Whadya think about that, Reggie?” President Bush, wheeled on Reggie Love, Obama’s body man as if he really wanted an answer, right before smiling for cameras on the colonnade.

As Obama’s days at 1600 dwindle, it’s worth taking a look back at his visit to the place he would call home for the next eight years—and his introduction to the power that came with it.”

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