At the Netroots Nation conference being held in Detroit through this Sunday, Revolution Messaging is throwing down the gauntlet, unveiling the digital firm’s new campaign: Kill Your TV Consultant.

Riffing off the cult-classic “Kill Your TV” bumper sticker campaign, the firm will distribute “Kill Your TV Consultant” laptop/bumper stickers at a booth at the biggest annual gathering of progressive online activists, politicos and tech gurus which takes place in Detroit this Thursday through Sunday. Simultaneously, they will launch a digital ad campaign microtargeted at Netroots attendees. Demonstrating the power of their ad technology, the “Kill Your TV Consultant” ads will be targeting mobile phones, tablets, and computers of those at Netroots using GPS and the IP addresses of WiFi networks at the conference and hotels.

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“The world is going digital, but TV consultants are still convincing campaigns to spend all their money on only one screen that fewer of us watch,” said former Obama tech guru and founder of Revolution Messaging Scott Goodstein.

“It’s time to expose the truth that TV consultants don’t want campaigns to hear: Americans are spending more screen time with their mobile phones and other devices than with their TVs. In the internet age, where smart data driven work is possible, selling TV ads as the staple of any campaign diet is a little dishonest.”

In fact, a report released earlier this year found that US daily smartphone screen time has now surpassed TV. That’s also true worldwide. If one combines smartphone and tablet screen time the total exceeds TV by nearly an hour per day.

“Kill Your TV Consultant is more than a riff on the famous ‘Kill Your Television’ slogan and definitely NOT a bodily threat to our colleagues who deal with political television advertising. We are trying to kill the idea that the centerpiece of the modern political campaign is the costly and data-starved medium of television,” said firm partner and former White House videographer Arun Chaudhary. “The vast majority of the money made in these deals (and the money is indeed vast) is in the ‘ad buy,’ the actual dollars spent on TV station time, not on the research, creative, or strategic communications around a particular spot. This leads to terrible ads and more of them with a tremendous cost to the scant resources of campaigns, especially smaller ones.”

“As fellow progressives who want to see these campaigns succeed, we are sick of seeing high priced TV consultants wring every cent they can out of these organizations,” said Keegan Goudiss, who manages advertising for the firm. “Candidates can reach their target audience with more precision and better engagement for a lot less money by using creativity and going digital.”

Revolution Messaging is the creator of Revere Exchange, which gives campaigns the expertise they need to precisely target political audiences in ways never before possible. With more voter data than ever before, Revere can reach the right people, at the right place and the right time. It allows microtargeting of very specific demographics and geographies – down to commuters on a specific bus route playing games on mobile phones. All of this means less irrelevant advertising for members of the public and less budget wasted on advertising to folks who are not the intended audience (e.g. out of the district, not likely to vote) for the client. It’s a win-win. Learn more about Revere Exchange.