“For more than a year, Americans were glued to their smartphones as Donald J. Trump tweeted and retweeted misogynistic, racist, anti-Semitic and xenophobic speech. It was not a strategy that any digital campaign expert would ever advise. Often, it felt more like a reality-show stunt than a real campaign.

But it worked. And the result is very real. Mr. Trump’s unorthodox social media campaign helped him beat more than a dozen other candidates, enjoy free media coverage that would have cost billions, become a major-party nominee and win the presidency.

While we Democrats reject his message, we must learn from his tactics if our party is to evolve and protect our priorities from a Trump presidency and Republican Congress. Democratic campaigns must stop looking at social media as a one-way communication device for amplifying overproduced campaign messages. The true power of social media for politicians is unleashed only if they use it to make emotional connections.”

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