“President Trump has restarted the White House comment line, which had been shut off since late last year under President Obama.

The phone line, 202-456-1111, was working again Thursday for people to leave messages for the president. Typically it’s staffed with volunteers.

A progressive group called WhiteHouseInc.org, featuring some of Sen. Bernard Sanders’ former presidential campaign team, is taking credit for reopening the White House comment line after waging a campaign to connect calls from more than 35,000 people to some of Mr. Trump’s businesses around the world.

Trump Inc. apparently didn’t like Americans calling their businesses in lieu of the White House,’ said Scott Goodstein, co-founder of the Creative Majority PAC and CEO of Revolution Messaging. ‘After we connected about 25,000 calls they tried to shut us down, contacting the police and the phone company, but they couldn’t stop it. Trump brought this on himself and his businesses when he and his family failed to divest from his companies as other presidents have done.'”

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