New Service is Driving 10,000 Calls Per Day

Text DAILY to 228466 (ACTION) or sign up at to resist extremism in America, one phone call at a time

Washington, DC –Today, Daily Action is announcing that just over one month after its launch 100,000 people have signed up to get daily texts and make calls to fight extremism and promote progressive priorities. The new service has made phone call activism easier than ever for the left — which is critical to battling the daily threats to progressive priorities. The brainchild of Washington, DC based writer and mom, Laura Moser, is produced in collaboration with Creative Majority PAC and powered by Revolution Messaging’s Revere calling technology.

Subscribers receive a daily text message about an important issue and a hotline number they simply click to call. They click the number and listen to a recorded summary of the issue, then callers are automatically connected to their lawmaker or the target of the action. Actions and talking points on the issues are also shared on the Daily Action Facebook page. Daily Action provides subscribers with concrete, quick ways to fight back, taking all the effort out of registering DAILY opposition to the extreme policies and appointees of the incoming administration.

“Together we are creating a critical mass that is impossible for lawmakers to ignore,” says Moser. “This election showed us we all need to do more. Daily Action makes it easy. You can make the phone calls when you’re walking to the bus stop, or waiting in line for your morning coffee. One touch of the phone and you’re done. We are proud to be proving wrong the skeptics and the naysayers who thought that progressives would retreat after the Women’s March.”

This week, Daily Action has logged an average of 10,000 calls per day — most of those to Congress — to fight President Trump’s policies or nominations. The average call time is 3 and a half minutes. After the Women’s March, text message subscribers soared from 40,000 to today’s milestone of 100,000 as word spread through social media and in communities across the country.

“Calling your lawmakers and those in power is the best way to make your voice heard. It’s even more effective if your friends and neighbors are calling too. The grassroots excitement around Daily Action shows that progressives are more engaged than ever,” said Revolution Messaging CEO Scott Goodstein. “With our calling technology, we can track how many calls are being made, which lawmakers are receiving calls and how long they last. This data is critical for campaigns to know what is working and what isn’t, which lawmakers are hearing from campaign supporters and which lawmakers require further effort.”

Daily Action has been bombarding Congressional offices and filling up voicemails. Wins include Republicans walking back their plans to gut the Congressional ethics office and delays to several confirmation hearings. Actions have been shared on social media hundreds and thousands of times.

Laura Moser has written for the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Slate, and many other publications.

Creative Majority PAC is a political action committee of the creative class, run by and for artists, musicians and writers banding together to hold politicians accountable. They most recently launched

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