Calling Service Drove Over 3 Million Minutes in Call time, including Over 100,000 calls to the Senate to protect Obamacare

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Washington, DC — Today, Daily Action is celebrating the citizen activists who have made more than 1 million calls to stop the Trump agenda and fight extremism with the calling service. With a total call time of over 3 million minutes in just over six months (equivalent to over 6 years in call time!), Daily Action subscribers have made their voices heard in a big way with lawmakers and those in power. Daily Action launched after Trump’s election to make phone call activism easier than ever by doing the homework to prioritize one issue each day and supplying talking points. Subscribers receive a daily text message, simply tap the hotline number, and are connected to the hotline, where they listen to the issue summary before being connected with their lawmaker.

Currently, Daily Action has been focused on protecting the Affordable Care Act from repeal.  Daily Action has connected 195,980 calls for 658,614 minutes to protect Obamacare, including 109,095 constituent calls to the U.S. Senate for a total of 357,105 connected minutes (the equivalent of 248 days).

“Calling our lawmakers is the best way to get our voices heard, especially if we call en masse. Daily Action has taken out the leg work so it’s easy to weigh in on the important issues of the day as part of your routine,” said DAILY ACTION POLITICAL DIRECTOR JOHN BURTON. “For those who haven’t called, your voice is needed more than ever. The Senate health bill would harm our nation’s most vulnerable in order to give a tax break to the rich and must be stopped. If we continue to raise our voices together, we will be impossible to ignore.”

Text DAILY to 228466 (ACTION) for daily text-based alerts.

Actions and talking points on the issues are also shared on the Daily Action Facebook page.

Daily Action callers have contributed to victories such as more than 80,000 constituent calls to Congress calling for a special counsel in the Russia/Trump investigation totaling over 265,000 connected minutes; defeating ExxonMobil’s request for a sanctions waiver so that they could drill for oil in Russia; over 40,000 calls for Bannon to lose his NSC seat; Republicans walking back their plans to gut the Congressional ethics office; Congressman Darrell Issa calling for a special prosecutor to look into Russia ties on the same day Daily Action connected nearly 19,000 calls to the House Judiciary Committee urging a special prosecutor; Attorney General Sessions recusing himself from the Russia investigation the same day Daily Action connected nearly 20,000 protest calls on his Russia ties; Trump’s first nominee for Labor Secretary, Andrew Puzder, withdrew his nomination after losing support from Senators on both sides of the aisle after Daily Action connected over 35,000 calls to Congress to fight the nomination; and delays to several confirmation hearings. Actions have been shared on social media hundreds and thousands of times.

The service was created in partnership with Creative Majority PAC and powered by Revolution Messaging.

John Burton is the Political Director of Daily Action. His previous political experience includes working as a policy analyst at the Center for American Progress, serving as one of the first 20 employees of Barack Obama’s 2007-2008 Presidential Campaign, and then joining the Obama Administration in Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner’s office. John currently lives in San Francisco and is Treasurer and a member of the Board of Directors of San Francisco’s LGBT Community Center.

Creative Majority PAC is a political action committee of the creative class, run by and for artists, musicians and writers banding together to hold politicians accountable. They most recently launched

Revolution Messaging is a leader in full service online organizing, offering fundraising, creative, video, mobile, advertising and technology services. Founded in 2009 and led by key members of the 2008 Obama campaign, the award-winning firm is a leader in cutting-edge progressive strategies for a mobile world. Revolution Messaging served as the digital firm for the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign, running online fundraising, digital advertising, branding, video creation, website development, the online store, and the Artists for Sanders program. Follow us @revmsg.

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