WASHINGTON – This week, NGP VAN, the leading provider of technology to Democratic and progressive campaigns and organizations, and full-service progressive digital agency Revolution Messaging are rolling out a powerful new integration to provide progressive organizations another tool in their resistance to the Trump administration.

The integration between NGP VAN’s EveryAction platform and Revolution Messaging’s Revere Calling tool will allow advocacy groups to drive thousands of calls to members of Congress and state legislators through easy-to-build, quick-to-deploy online forms. Here’s how it works: organizations create a simple online form in their EveryAction database, link or embed it into their website, and supporters who fill out the form instantly receive a patch through phone call via Revere Calling to their target elected official.

“Our tools power progressive groups fighting back against Trump’s agenda. Click-to-call Advocacy is going to literally help make our clients – and their supporters’ – voices heard,” says Mike Liddell, General Manager of Digital at NGP VAN. “Our thousands of nonprofit clients, from large organizations like Greenpeace to smaller groups like Equality Alabama, are always looking for new ways to engage their supporters. This new integration with Revolution Messaging’s Revere Calling tool is going to be huge for them.”

Revolution Messaging’s Revere Calling tool has already generated over 3 million minutes in protest calls since Trump’s inauguration on January 20 for labor organizations and advocacy groups like MoveOn.org and the ACLU. Revere Calling powers Daily Action, a new service to make phone call activism easier, which quickly attracted more than 250,000 text message subscribers and connected over 600,000 calls to Congress protesting Trump policies and nominees in just three months.

“Calling your federal and state lawmakers is the best way to make your voice heard. With our calling technology, we can track how many calls are being made, which lawmakers are receiving calls and how long they last. This data is critical to know what is working and what isn’t, which lawmakers are hearing from us and which lawmakers require further effort,”  said Scott Goodstein, CEO of Revolution Messaging. “By partnering with NGP VAN’s EveryAction, we are excited to bring the power of effective calling campaigns to thousands of progressive organizations and their networks of millions of activists.”