“President-elect Barack Obama is expected to name the nation’s first-ever federal chief technology officer sometime soon.

According to Obama’s website, the role of the CTO will be to ‘ensure that our government and all its agencies have the right infrastructure, policies and services for the 21st century.’

It’s not surprising that Obama plans a major emphasis on technology. His presidential campaign relied heavily on the latest forms of communication -– like Internet social networking sites and text-messaging -– to organize volunteers, raise funds and get voters to the polls.

Scott Goodstein, a D.C.-based campaign manager, ran all of the text-messaging and mobile communications for the president-elect’s campaign. The Ticket recently talked to him in detail about the campaign’s new media strategy, the size of its phone book and that much-talked-about 3 a.m. text message. This is the first of two parts of the interview that will be published this morning.”

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