Text DAILY to 228466 to resist extremism in America, one phone call at a time

Washington, DC – Laura Moser is launching Daily Action — a new service to help progressives amplify their voices. Produced in collaboration with Creative Majority PAC and powered by Revolution Messaging’s Revere calling technology, subscribers will receive a daily text message about an important issue, including a click-to-call link that connects them directly to lawmakers. Daily Action provides subscribers with concrete, quick ways to fight back, taking all the effort out of registering DAILY opposition to the extreme policies and appointees of the incoming administration.

Since the upset election of Donald Trump, many Americans have been looking for ways to get more engaged in politics and have an impact. Laura Moser,  a writer and mother who has never worked in politics, found herself overwhelmed by a sea of petitions and emails.  After reading reports about the efficacy of picking up the phone and calling legislators, Moser resolved to make a call every day. But she found that researching the issues and looking up the phone numbers took up more time than she’d anticipated, and she also knew that calls were more likely to make an impact if they came en masse. That’s where the Dally Action alerts come in.

“This election showed us we all need to do more. Daily Action makes it easy,” says Moser. “You can make the phone calls when you’re walking to the bus stop, or waiting in line for your morning latte. One touch of the phone and you’re done. Together we will create a critical mass that is impossible for lawmakers to ignore.”

Here’s how it works: users text the word DAILY to the phone number 228466 (spells ACTION). They will be prompted to enter their ZIP code—and that’s it. From then on, subscribers will receive one text message every workday about an urgent issue. You tap on the phone number in your message, listen to a short recorded message about that day’s issue, and from there you’ll be automatically routed to your Senator, member of Congress, or other relevant elected official.

“We follow the news cycles closely to determine where we can collectively make the greatest impact,” adds Moser. “The majority of our country believes in decency, in moderation, in sanity. Let’s not let the powers that be forget it. If we all band together against extremism and spend a few minutes a day using tools that have been proven to work, we can make a big difference in defending those values we share as Americans.”

Moser hopes to collaborate with various organizations and activists, eventually targeting local actions, like HB2 in North Carolina and the fetal-burial law in TX.

Laura Moser has written for the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Slate, and many other publications.

Creative Majority PAC is a political action committee of the creative class, run by and for artists, musicians and writers banding together to hold politicians accountable. They most recently launched WhiteHouseInc.org.