With White House comment line shut down, former Bernie Sanders Advisors Offer WhiteHouseInc.org as a Workaround

Frustrated Americans are angry that the White House comment line, the public’s phone line to the White House, is turned off and leads to a dead end message. The digital team behind Bernie Sanders 2016 campaign heard their frustration and is offering a workaround. WhiteHouseInc.org is a calling tool that connects callers with Trump’s businesses all over the world.

“Americans deserve a direct line to the White House. Since the White House comment line is turned off, we are inviting frustrated members of the public to use our calling tool to reach out to Trump’s White House Inc. at any one of his offices around the globe,” said Revolution Messaging CEO Scott Goodstein. “Foreign leaders and Wall Street executives know that if they want to reach out to our President, they can just call his business associates. With WhiteHouseInc.org, the American people have a direct line to Trump, too.”

Revolution Messaging, known for its award-winning digital campaign for Bernie Sanders 2016, originally launched WhiteHouseInc.org in conjunction with Creative Majority PAC in late 2016 to pressure Trump to divest from his business interests. WhiteHouseInc.org connects callers with a randomly selected Trump business or property so they can let the President know what’s on their minds.

Upon hearing reports that the White House comment line was turned off and that frustrated Americans have no way of calling the White House, the firm has offered the calling tool to the public.

Call script:

Hi this is Robert from Creative Majority PAC. Until President Donald Trump divests fully from his businesses, his properties represent satellite White Houses all over the world. In a moment, you’ll be connected to a random Trump Hotel, Resort or Golf Course. But don’t think of it as a resort, think of it as the oval office. Tell them how you feel about Trump’s wall, his threat to revoke citizenship for flag burning, or whatever issues are on your mind.

Paid for by Creative Majority PAC. Not authorized by any candidate or campaign committee. 1-855-969-5325   Thanks.

Creative Majority is a political action committee of the creative class, run by and for artists, musicians and writers banding together to hold politicians accountable. Most recently, Creative Majority PAC launched Daily Action, which makes it easier than ever to call Congress daily. Over 60,000 subscribers receive a daily text. They click the link to hear a summary of the issue and are then connected directly to the relevant lawmaker. The month-old service has gone viral, logging over 4,000 calls to Congress per day.


Revolution Messaging is a leader in full service online organizing, offering fundraising, creative, video, mobile, advertising and technology services. Founded in 2009 and led by key members of the 2008 Obama campaign, the award-winning firm is a leader in cutting-edge progressive strategies for a mobile world. Revolution Messaging served as the digital firm for the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign, running online fundraising, digital advertising, branding, video creation, website development, the online store, and the Artists for Sanders program. Follow us @revmsg.

Moira Mack Muntz

Revolution Messaging