To be queer is to be in perpetual search for community.

That was never more true for me than on June 12, 2016. When my husband and I learned that there had been a shooting in a gay club in Orlando the night before, we immediately made a beeline to the Pride festival in D.C., aching for companionship with others who were grieving, for whom no explanation was needed.

In the days that followed, that need for camaraderie extended into the work day, and a number of LGBTQ+ people gathered to create a community of understanding and support here at Revolution Messaging.

Pride Community at Work

As Pride month draws to a close, I’m reflecting with pride on the ways we’ve shown up and turned out for one another. In very minor ways — Babadook memes and lesbian Ken dolls — and major ways — supporting our colleague Carla’s work to organize queer dance protests outside Mike Pence, Ivanka Trump and Mitch McConnell’s houses. It’s a pleasure to be surrounded by such dedicated, thoughtful and talented folks who go out of their way to create a culture of affirmation and understanding.

Pride Community at Work

It has been a consistent source of inspiration for me to see people able to be their true selves at work and bring to bear the full weight of our identities, struggles and perspectives to our work with our clients.

At a time when it is perilous for people all over the world to be queer at work, I can’t help but swell with pride thinking about how my colleagues are creating a place for us to thrive.

Here at work, at least, I no longer have to search for a sense of community. It’s only a Slack away.