2016 felt like a terrible year – but it was just the appetizer to 2017. While last year was about arguing with your problematic cousin who says women can’t carve the turkey, this year is about defending the dignity of your DACA recipient friends and fighting against Republicans determined to snatch health care away from millions.

Since last Thanksgiving, Trump has taken office, countless men are being called out for sexual abuse and the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe has been displaced to build a pipeline (that is now leaking!). Meanwhile, it’s been two months since Hurricane Maria, and half of Puerto Rico is still without electricity. White supremacists are marching through our towns.

These issues are systemic, but family gatherings present an opportunity to have breakthrough conversations and help your relatives or friends see the world from a different perspective. Sixty-three million people voted for Trump, which makes it very likely that you’ll have to face Trump supporters this holiday season – or at least a “well-meaning” racist uncle.

Our partner, Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) is utilizing Revere Mobile technology to help people challenge racism at the holiday dinner table.

emoji keywordsThe SURJ Holiday Hotline rolls out Revere Mobile’s newest feature: emoji keywords! In the holiday spirit, you can activate the mobile flow by texting the turkey emoji, 🦃, to 82623 or you can use the tried and true alphanumeric keyword by texting SOS to 82623. The flow also utilizes our dynamic interactive polling feature to offer up eight key talking points relevant to current events. If you are still stumped, you will be provided a comprehensive discussion guide on race. You can even download a placemat about indigenous justice!

Last holiday season, the SURJ Holiday Hotline had 9,663 poll responses with 4,077 people subscribing to the SURJ mobile program. With this list, users tapped into a growing network that provides resources, support and trainings to help dismantle white supremacy. The most common talking points from the poll responses were about immigration and the economy.

Have a happy, tasty and productive dialogue-filled Thanksgiving. If you need help, SURJ and Revere have you covered. Just text 🦃 or SOS to 82623 for talking points on the harder to chew conversations.

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