Soon after Google+ was released back in the fall of 2011, Facebook quickly realized that it needed to evolve in order to keep pace with other increasingly visual social networking platforms. To keep up, Facebook developed and rolled-out Timeline to replace profiles, while making sure images and videos became more prominent in a user’s news feed.

Now Facebook has a new trend to keep up with as more of Facebook’s user base is shifting to mobile. But be assured, Facebook has a response to this too. Facebook launched a new mobile site today, as well as iOS and Android app redesigns, which make images three times larger on your screen! With the rise of social networks, such as Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram, social media is becoming more visual. And it’s your time to take advantage of this.

Now is the time to use more compelling images to motivate and engage your supporters and members on social networks. With Facebook’s new mobile experience (which will hopefully load faster as more phones utilize 4G), people will be extending their browsing time on their cell phone and your message will catch their eye with captivating images and videos as it now takes up their full screen.

Check out before and after pictures of Facebook’s new mobile design here.