2016, am I right? Whew!

As we close out a tough year for our country, it’s hard to miss the signs that we’re entering increasingly hostile and tense times. What is supposed to be a time of celebration, reflection, and love could have a pallor hanging over it if we let it.

And yet I’m reminded that kindness is a choice you make, and that it can be a shining light even in dark times. We can either accept the current state of affairs or do something proactive to change it.

Here at Revolution Messaging we’ve been working with NBCUniversal on their #ShareKindness campaign, and we’ve committed to sharing kindness in our day to day lives to make things just a bit better for those around us. We’re joining with NBCUniversal to inspire 1 million acts of kindness this season. Every story shared and every act of kindness committed will count towards this goal.

This week some of our colleagues helped spread some holiday cheer through Martha’s Table’s Joyful Food Market program, bringing healthy food and food education to a local elementary school.


As we enter a season of holiday parties and spending time with the people we love, we have decided to make an extra effort this year to make this a season of kindness. There’s no better time to dedicate ourselves to making the world around us a better place, in small ways like holding a door for someone or making cookies for the security guards in our building or in bigger ways like participating in a toy drive or doing team service projects.

While we’re always proud of the work that we do and the impact it has on the world, we know there are many ways for us to make a difference, and we’re committed to doing all we can to make that happen.

Take a moment and explore the #ShareKindness microsite we helped build and find a few more ways you can participate in this effort.