On February 27, Campaigns and Elections held their annual Reed Awards in Charleston, South Carolina to recognize excellence in political campaigning.

Loren Merchan, Vice President of Advertising, spoke at the conference that took place before the awards ceremony on the importance of quality advertising.

If you didn’t get to catch her talk at the conference, never fear! Here’s what Loren has to say about building a great advertising campaign (hint: there’s more to it than a low cost per acquisition):

“Whether you’re a digital advertising specialist or just someone who works with them, it’s becoming increasingly important to prioritize quality inventory, strategy, and results over volume and showmanship.

When reviewing a media plan or a report, it’s always tempting to focus on getting the most impressions, signatures or signups for the lowest cost—but low cost results are often low quality results. In an industry where large portions of inventory aren’t actually viewable by humans, it’s often important to pay a little more to really reach your target audience. If your goal is to build a strong and profitable email list, it’s important to focus on more than just low cost per acquisition (CPA).  It’s important to look at all the data and determine key performance indicators (KPIs) that are more reflective of your goal.

Often, the only way for campaigns to achieve the best results and serve on the best inventory is to have experienced specialists who are dedicated to monitoring and optimizing.”

Reeds Awards Ceremony

We are thrilled to report that during the awards ceremony, Revolution Messaging was awarded trophies in five categories.

Thank you to our team and phenomenal clients who brought this work to life. We are honored to have won the following categories:

Overall Best Use Of New Technology – Daily Action

Best Use Of Mobile TechnologyDaily Action

Best Use of Online Targeting For Mayoral CandidateBill de Blasio for Mayor

Best Website For Mayoral CandidateBill de Blasio for Mayor

Best Website For Congressional CampaignLaura Moser for Congress


The header image features the ankles of Loren Merchan, Carla Arohnson and Sam Lozier styling our new Stomp Out Fascism socks at the Reed Awards.