If Donald Trump’s cabinet appointments are any indication, his rants are looking less like empty campaign babble and more like potential policy. Across the country, shell-shocked progressives are asking what they can do to take a more active role in the direction of our nation.

There is a simple and effective answer: call your legislators.

Here are five reasons why Revere Calling is the best way to help your members and supporters do just that.

1. Calling legislators is the best way to get them to listen.

Anyone can rattle off a tweet…and everyone does. The same goes for email, in fact, the average member of Congress gets several hundred a day—they couldn’t read them all if they tried. Most staffers on Capitol Hill and in district offices around the country will tell you that calling your legislator—as in picking up the phone and actually speaking to someone on the other end—is the best way to get their attention.

With Revere Calling, you can connect to a policymaker using incoming calls, a click-to-call form, or even by texting keyword. By making it as easy as possible, you increase the number of supporters who will take action and you increase the chances of them staying on the line long enough to make their point.

2. We’re facing historic legislation and Republicans control pretty much everything.

Our challenges aren’t just coming from the White House and Congress. As of November 8, the GOP controls both state houses, along with the governorship in 25 states, including several with supermajorities in one or both chambers. While Trump is terrifying, state chambers will determine legislation dictating funding for education, state employee pension, infrastructure, women’s access to reproductive healthcare, and so much more. Remember the government shutdown in 2013? Yeah, we do too.

Revere Calling lets you choose your target whether you want to drive calls to U.S. Senators urging them to confirm or deny the next Supreme Court Justice, or to state reps demanding their support for a responsible budget.

3. The switchboard doesn’t cut it.

Sure, you could email the capitol operator’s phone number to supporters, and that would work as long as they know who their legislator is, but even then the calls are getting redirected from the same line. Senators and reps perk up when they see a familiar area code on the caller ID rather than just another “202,” after all, people that can vote for them are always people that matter.

Revere Calling is backed by Ledge Zeppelin, our own legislative database that automatically redirects calls from a single toll-free number straight to a legislator’s office based on the user’s ZIP Code. This way, you know your supporters are being connect to their own elected officials and they’ll know their constituents are calling because of the local phone number on the caller ID.

4. The issue might not even be on legislators’ radar.

Sometimes it takes a well-informed constituent to alert an elected official of an important issue. Flooding their offices with calls is going to raise a flag, especially when they’re coming from educated callers. Revere Calling allows you to inform supports of the issues by starting calls with a built-in recording. You can also drive calls from a Revere Landing page that outlines the issues and has an embedded click-to-call form.

What’s even better is that Revere Calling lets you switch the target number from the capitol office to the district office with a single click. If a state rep didn’t know anything about an issue before, he’ll certainly study up if a hundred people in a single day call his home office about it.

5. You want to know what works.

How many of your supporters called and told their senator to confirm Merrick Garland? How many will call telling their senator NOT to confirm the wack-a-doo judge who has sworn to destroy public sector unions and overturn Roe v. Wade? Revere Calling lets you easily view metrics, identifying supporters who took action, which legislators they contacted, and how long they spent talking to them.

Revere Calling Dashboard


We’ve had our time to mourn. Now, let’s empower our allies and let elected officials know we’re paying attention, and we won’t stand for anything less than progress.

Try Revere Calling today.