“Who’s on first.”
“Who’s on first?”
“Exactly, Who’s on first.”
“What are you asking me for? I don’t know!”*

Who would’ve thought that failing to communicate one tiny detail– that “Who” is the name of the person on first base– would cause such a scene? And why didn’t Who just step in and help clear up the confusion?!

Dad jokes aside, we’ve all encountered a who’s-on-first situation. You know what you’re trying to say, but for some reason, your message just isn’t landing the way you need it to. While the days of Abbott and Costello may be behind us, the threat of miscommunication is constant, and fumbling a narrative in the public arena is nothing to laugh about.

The good news is there’s ample opportunity to cut through the clutter and successfully engage a broader audience with an effective digital storytelling strategy. Our approach to public relations is simple: ditch the jargon, let’s dance. Adding PR to your digital strategy will ensure that your story is told in the most compelling way and accessible across the channels that speak to the right audiences for your cause.

An effective public relations strategy is like a good party.

From the moment you send out the invitations to when the last guest departs, the host must create an experience–a story–for the party-goers. To keep your party from turning into chaos, you hire an event planner. To keep your message from unraveling into chaos, you hire us.

Our public relations team operates as an in-house press team to handle all storytelling needs–starting with clear and effective communication of the basics: What are you saying? Why? To who? For what? Our team is here to help craft core messaging (which will act as a guiding light for your communications across the board) and help avoid those pesky who’s-on-first situations — or full-fledged communication crises.

Public relations should be more than ad hoc press releases. In order to form an authentic connection with your various audiences, you need simple, sticky and strategic messaging that offers a clear understanding of who you are, why they should care and how they can reach you.

Our favorite party trick? Earned media.

Earned media is exactly what it sounds like–visibility across broader platforms, earned organically — as opposed to placements that require payment, such as native advertising. Whether it’s hosting a press conference, releasing a timely statement, launching a social media campaign, or penning an op ed, combining the right message with an effective earned media strategy adds credibility and authority that will significantly boost your coverage.

Think about the last party you were invited to. How did you receive the invite? By mail? Eventbrite? Facebook? Twitter? Over time, the assortment of options for receiving a party invitation have multiplied. The way we access our news is no different. While newspapers and television are tried and true platforms, relying on any one medium for your message would be like only mailing your party invitations. What if someone doesn’t check their mail? What if it’s accidentally thrown away? What if you have outdated addresses? Parties are great, but if you limit how people can receive your invite, you also limit how many folks will know about your party.

Thoughtful communications strategists approach message placement with your intended audience in mind. Where are these folks getting their news, and how can we make this news as accessible to them as possible? Using our personal rolodexes, top of the line press monitoring software, and good ole’ fashioned pitch calls, we’re able to provide our clients with polished deliverables and high-traffic, sharable placements that can be amplified through a smart, intentional social media strategy for additional reach.

At the end of the day, you know that your work is important. Public relations experts exist to make sure that other people know that, too. Whether your goal is to become a recognized thought leader in a specific industry, or to raise awareness about a behind-the-scenes-policy people should care about, the Revolution Messaging Public Relations team will work with you to get your message in front of the right people. No velvet rope. All you have to do is call.


*If you aren’t familiar with “Who’s On First,” we wholeheartedly recommend some light YouTube watching of Abbot + Costello’s iconic comedy routine (0:55 – 2:06).