Many people received unsolicited spam political text messages last night from anonymous anti-Obama sources. The messages have come from different email sources, including [email protected] and [email protected]. These abuses threaten what is a very promising technology of text messaging for political engagement. People did not opt-in to receive these messages and ultimately end up having to pay the cost for this unwanted misinformation that appeared on their mobile phone.

Our team at Revolution Messaging has been working hard for over three years to end this type of modern-day push-polling. We filed an official petition asking the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to declare once and for all that this Internet to text message political spam is illegal.

Visit to learn more about the issue of unsolicited political text message spam and even file an official comment with the FCC that will be soon be addressing this issue. Comments to the FCC are due by November 23rd.

A few of the messages people received last night were:


Help us fight to end political text message spam and prevent this kind of harassment. Let’s make sure voters aren’t charged for untraceable misinformation in the form of text messages that they never asked for!

UPDATE: Wondering who is behind this? Find out now.