Here at Revolution Messaging we have a very important question asked to every new hire: Team Cat or Team Dog? While Team Cat shared their feline friends with the world on National Cat Day, we on Team Dog feel the need to bring some balance and add a little more floof to your day. On this momentous occasion that is National Dog Day, Revolution’s “Team Dog” is bringing you their puppers.

Scroll down to check out Team Dog’s collection of very good doggos:

Beacon (Drew’s fluffer who loves chasing squirrels and going on car rides.)


Mutley (Dae’s 9-month-old pup. He’s full of energy and loves long walks and anything peanut-butter flavored.)


Buster (Shelby’s very good boy who does not like to fetch or play with other dogs. He is very good at sit and shake.)


Weaver (Maeve’s 6-month-old little woof. She enjoys trying to eat anything, sitting on anyone, and continuously squeaking her squeaky toys.)


Frida (Alaina’s pupper who likes to run fast, listen to jazz, and eat all the food.)


Bruce (Laura’s little dude who loves sitting down on walks, taking all the toys out of his bed as soon as Laura puts them away, and loud snoring.)


Charlie (Jonathan’s doggo whose favorite thing to do is carry rawhide sticks around the apartment trying to find the perfect place to bury them. Never quite satisfied with any of the spots he chooses, he digs them up again to find another perfect spot for them. And repeat…)


Wednesday (Annie’s floof who spends most of her day shamelessly begging for belly rubs, napping under the couch, and cleaning up her neighborhood by eating all of the cigarette butts and chicken bones she can find.)


Luna (Spotted puppy who joined Joe’s family this spring and is growing fast! Her hobbies include: chewing on sticks (occasionally shoes), playing fetch and licking childrens’ faces.)


Nagbe (Crystal’s smiley border collie who is always down for a frisbee or Chuck-it sesh. Fun fact: Nagbe was rescued from Ted Cruz supporters.)


Sisko (Becca’s doggo, who keeps her safe from the mail and delivery people, as well as people on the sidewalk, while Becca works at home.)


Chewbacca (aka Chewy, Cabot’s friendly fox. His breed and age remain a mystery as he was found wandering near Chesapeake Beach, surely in search of some pets. He is a family man who insists on playing fetch at least once per day, will only eat if he’s being watched, and enjoys cuddling with his family’s shoes when they’re not home.)


Chloe and Henry (Chelsea’s Chloe is a seven-year-old golden retriever-spaniel mix doggo rescued on a rafting trip. She loves sleeping and treats. Henry is Chelsea’s three-year-old Spaniel mix rescued from a kill shelter. He enjoys snuggles and playing fetch.)


George (Kelly’s dapper 11-year-old long-haired dachshund. He equally enjoys swimming — in very small bodies of water — and sleeping in sun patches on the floor.)


Sophie (Renee’s schnoodle who loves tennis balls, snoozes, tennis balls, and of course, chasin’ squirrels. She also enjoys borking at the TV if another animal happens to appear on the screen – she takes her job as a guard dog pretty seriously.)


Gracie (Alejandro’s two-year-old all-American mutt, adopted when Alejandro moved back to the U.S.. Clearly enjoys sits.)


Eli (Sean’s a husky-shepherd-pitt-border collie mix who is a Very Good Boy. His interests include storing his mass collection of rubber chickens in his food bowl, licking Sean’s head every morning to wake him up, anything in the trash, and howling in complete sentences with his dads. His middle name is Goose because he has a large white goose pattern on his neck. He is also known as Trouble Goose when he gets into the trash.)


Bork bork! We hope that you enjoyed this dose of doge in your day.