We already know that mobile messaging is the best way to organize people, no matter where they are. After all, 90% of adults in the U.S. are walking around with a cell phone in their pockets right now. We use our phones to be close with family, talk to friends, catch up on the news – and to take political action.

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So, it should come as no surprise that more and more political donations are coming from mobile phones. 42% of all contributions to Bernie 2016 came from a mobile phone. Revere Mobile was instrumental in driving donations during the Flint, MI water contamination crisis, as well as at the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Reservation–both relying on a keyword-generated link to provide a credit card information field.

We are making mobile giving even easier with a one-of-a-kind text-to-donate integration, combining Mobile’s high action rates with ActBlue Express’ 3.4 million users. This integration simplifies the text-to-donate process to just two steps: texting a keyword and confirming your contribution. Users never need to leave their messaging apps.

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Once an ActBlue user makes a donation to a campaign and opts in to Express, ActBlue stores their credit card information for future quick donations. The only setup required is matching your mobile list with your ActBlue Express account list. From there, we can segment the SMS list by Express account holders and non-account holders, and target requests for contributions accordingly.

This integration is especially valuable at crucial times like at large events, appearances of celebrity surrogates, candidate debates or fundraising deadlines.

We rolled out ActBlue Express text-to-donate during Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential campaign. During a GOP debate, the keyword NOW was configured to contribute $20 through users’ ActBlue accounts. Every time supporters heard something upsetting from the Republican candidates, they could contribute simply by texting three letters to Bernie’s shortcode. We were honored to win Best Use of Mobile Technology and Best Use of Text Message Fundraising from Campaigns & Elections for our cutting edge text-to-give capabilities and strategy.

During a congressional re-election campaign this fall, we used ActBlue text-to-donate in the crucial final FEC fundraising deadline before Election Day. Thanks to a large SMS list and the success of our fundraising and advertising program, we were able to match 30 percent of the SMS list with ActBlue Express accounts.

Easier actions mean higher returns. Don’t wait to start cashing in on pivotal moments. Talk to your Revere client representative about utilizing text-to-donate, or demoing the Revere Mobile platform today.