We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce Revolution Motion Pictures. We produce remarkable motion pictures efficiently by taking on all aspects of production from script writing to post-production. Our experienced in-house team is well versed in politics, communications and art, resulting in a variety of fantastic video products within budget and time constraints.

When paired with Revolution Messaging’s mobile ad strategy, we are able to geotarget your specific audience with your tailored video message. Our mobile pre-roll videos have consistently proven successful in reaching different devices and will only continue to grow in importance for every organization’s communications plan.

In addition to our mobile videos, we also specialize in web and TV videos, editing, media training, production, equipment rentals and strategy.

The Revolution Messaging video team is headed by Arun Chaudhary, the first official White House videographer and author of First Cameraman: Documenting the Obama Presidency in Real Time. Eden Joyner joins Arun, specializing in graphic design and animation.