Here at Revolution Messaging, we can be a little competitive. It’s the reason we got into politics in the first place — that and the whole changing the world thing. So, naturally, we can’t resist the urge to squash the competition at our office building’s annual pumpkin carving contest.

Last year, due to what we believe to be a rigged system, our Bernie pumpkins did not win the grand prize.

Bernie Pumpkin


This year, we were determined to achieve a swift and pulp-able victory. And our strategy was more than gourd — it was revolutionary.

In honor of our Revere rapid response technology platform, our creative team designed and carved a Paul Revere pumpkin, complete with fashionable accessories. They worked with our ads team to launch two Halloween themed Snapchat filters geotargeted to our office building.

And the finishing touch? Our very own Jonathan Barnes had the guts to dress up as a Red Coat, made even more convincing by his native British accent. And we’d be lion if we said any of this would have been possible without our Creative Coordinator, Breanna Chandler.

Breanna and JB


A huge thanks to everyone on the Revolution Messaging team who was able to carve out a little time to celebrate Halloween! Although Revolution Messaging Partner Keegan Goudiss’ involvement was seedy, at best.

Halloween Snapchat


PS: If you liked our Revere pumpkin, you’ll love Revere, our rapid response technology suite.