From historic demonstrations to urgent battles over horrific policies, progressives have been awfully busy since the election. If you’ve built a mobile program, you have the basics down to a science: your texts have a clear call-to-action, you make sure every organizer knows what keywords to promote, and every sign-up sheet, petition and pledge has a properly-worded mobile opt-in.

You’re adding subscribers to your mobile list every day, and you’re scheduling solid messages to promote your events, news and actions. But are you really maximizing the power of mobile?

Here are five ways to turn good mobile messages into great ones.

1. Make important messages stand out with MMS.

MMS Program

Seventy-seven percent of Americans now own smartphones and that number jumps to 92% for those between 18 and 29. That gives us lot more options for reaching them, but the downside is your messages are competing with Candy Crush and Snapchat. You’ve got to make sure they stand out.

With MMS, you’re no longer limited to texting words alone. MMS allows you to spice up your messaging and deliver something that will really pop, like your latest shareable graphic or a photo of organizers on the ground.

2. Leverage the data at your fingertips with hypertargeted advertising.

Take a minute and marvel at just how much you know about your mobile subscribers. You’ve got their cell phone number, sure, but you may also have other powerful pieces of information like their zip code, email address is and what organizing actions they’ve taken. Another thing you’ve got is a distinctive number unique to their phone called a device ID.

It usually takes two or more contacts before conversion, but we can take your hard-earned mobile list, upload it and cookie-match it using device IDs, along with physical address and email. With just that information, we can serve display ads to reinforce key messages to an engaged audience.

3. Don’t limit your digital outreach to one channel.

SMS Program

A little over a decade ago, just 5% of Americans used social media. Today, that number has risen to 69%. Platforms like Snapchat offer a ton of exciting possibilities (just ask Loren Merchan). But your strategy doesn’t have to revolve around which platform is best, instead use the communication tools at your disposal for a combined approach.

SMS and MMS provide a perfect opportunity for cross-platform promotion. Don’t settle for simply blasting out that great graphic or landing page–use a share-link generator and encourage your subscribers to share it, complete with a pre-loaded post.

4. Empower your mobile list to call their electeds using Call Congress technology.

You’ve probably heard us talk about calling Congress once or twice, but there’s a reason for that. There is absolutely no better way to get your legislators’ attention. And believe us, you will be infinitely more successful promoting your calling hotline when you’re doing it on the device supporters will actually use to make the call.

SMS Calling Program

Here’s how Revere Mobile and Revere Calling work seamlessly together:

When you send a toll-free number to your mobile list, your supporters will be on the phone with their member of Congress or state legislator with just one click. There is no number to memorize or misdial. The call to action is clear.

Before you share your Revere Calling toll-free number, we set up a call kicker in Mobile. After a supporter has made the call, Revere will ensure that they receive a text message afterward, thanking them for their action and letting them know what to do next.

Calling is a great way to add highly-engaged supporters to your mobile list, but it’s also a way to keep track of the people who have taken action. Just add a metadata tag to the mobile flow, and soon you’ll have a sub-list of action-takers ready for deployment at a moment’s notice.

5. Make it personal.

Meet the dynamic insertion icon. This helpful tool may look small on the interface, but it’s the difference between sending a text blast and sending a personalized message to an activist that’s waiting for marching orders.

Mobile Best Practices
Dynamic insertion allows you to include metadata values in your broadcast or mobile flow messages, from a subscriber’s employer to their favorite pizza topping. Say you’re collecting signups for a canvassing shift and volunteers provide their personal information and the shift they want to work. By storing this information as metadata, dynamic insertion allows you to add it to the message and send a single broadcast instead of a bunch of different batches.

Which is better?
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Whether you’re just starting to build your list or you’re already an SMS pro, the chances are Revere Mobile has some features you haven’t tried, so keep experimenting. Keep strategizing. Keep resisting.