When the New York Times reported the tremendous impact calling your legislators can have, our team was hardly surprised. We know calling works. Since 2011, we’ve been jumping up and down, screaming from the rooftops that this is exactly the type of activism that can change the landscape of legislation across the country.

If you don’t believe us, just ask every office on the Hill that has received one of the hundreds of thousands of calls pushed to their offices through our Revere Calling system since January 20.

The hundreds of thousands of calls equal more than 3.1 million minutes worth of conversations between a constituent and an elected official. That’s 44,285 minutes a per day.

So in 70 days time, we have pushed more than 2,152 days worth of calls through Revere Calling. If you break the averages down by just the last week, we are at 263 days worth of calls being made in 7 days – that’s 133 more days than Congress worked last year!

Revere Calling works

Calling is the literal definition of making your voice heard. Our calling system is zip based, meaning you dial a toll free number, listen to a prompt about action needed, and then enter your zip to be connected directly to your representative. Our system bypasses the switchboard and allows you to target federal and state electeds across the country. We can follow bills through committee or directly target a group of bad actors on important legislation.

You may be asking yourself; what impact have calling campaigns made since January 20? We’re glad you asked!

“On Monday, news broke that Republicans in the House had decided to effectively eliminate a nonpartisan investigative body called the Office of Congressional Ethics. On Tuesday, news broke that said Republicans had changed their minds about said elimination. And now the GOP reps involved in the decisions have attributed the reversal to—wouldn’t you know it—a barrage of phone calls.” – Slate, January 3, 2017

“An avalanche of phone calls is thundering across Capitol Hill as the Senate considers a slew of President Donald Trump’s nominations…” – CNN, February 3, 2017

Calls from across the country helped stop the erosion of the ethics office and made Vice President Mike Pence take an unprecedented motorcade trip to the capitol to cast the tie-breaking vote to confirm DeVos.

Calling activism played a key role in keeping Obamacare as law of the land. We were helped by the absolute trash bill that was submitted, but people were fired up to let their legislators know it was, in fact, a trash bill. More importantly, calling has put all representatives on notice for 2018.

With calling actions happening every day by the thousands, we have created a new real-time check and balance on power. Revere Calling is giving a voice to folks who often feel voiceless. It’s helping motivate a base of new activists to pay attention to the actions of our federal and state governments. It’s the answer to “elections have consequences.”

Lucky for you, Revere Calling has been ready and waiting to help since 2011. Let’s hold our electeds accountable and make some phone calls.

To see our calling tools in action, text DAILY to 228466 or visit White House Inc.