Most staffers on Capitol Hill and in district offices around the country will tell you that calling your legislator is the best way to get their attention. We all know why calling matters in Trump’s America, but if you are an organization, you know a few calls here and there aren’t enough to impact legislative policy. You want the phones ringing off the hook in every congressional office from DC to Sacramento.

Our Revere strategists, who work on some of the largest calling campaigns in the country, have compiled a quick list of ways to connect your members with their electeds.

1. Promote your toll-free number on social media.

Rapid response social media campaigns are a powerful way to gain momentum and inspire folks to act. Since the election, we have seen a tremendous jump in action rates from social media sites, especially Facebook. In 2016, Pew Research reported that 62 percent of U.S. adults get their news directly from social media. As this majority gets their news, offer them a way to take immediate action. Enter Calling.

Call Congress

During breaking news moments, make sure your posts stand out. Mix in shareable graphics with your text-based content. This requires acting quickly and having a creative process in place that can capture momentum. Our graphic design tip: make the call to action and phone number large enough for mobile users to identify the opportunity for action.

2. Place a click-to-call form on your website.

Click-to-call forms remove many barriers to civic engagement. You may have seen click-to-call forms in action on White House Inc. or Drunk Dial Congress.

Here’s how these forms work: a user navigates to your landing page, optimized for your desired call to action. The users are prompted to submit their phone numbers into the form and instantly receive a patch-through phone call to their elected official. There is no memorizing of numbers or misdialing. Even better – the form code fits easily into most websites, no fancy coding needed.

In addition to our form builder, we’re proud to partner with EveryAction to provide click-to-call forms within their innovative non-profit advocacy CRM. EveryAction users can create online advocacy forms to embed on their website, select desired data fields and drive calls while leveraging the many advocacy tools the platform offers.

3. Send your toll-free number to your mobile subscribers.

When you send a toll-free number to your mobile list, your supporters will be on the phone with their member of Congress, state legislator, governor or attorney general with just one click.

Call Congress

Before you share your Revere Calling toll-free number, we recommend setting up a call kicker within your mobile platform. After a supporter makes the call, the kicker will ensure that they receive a text message afterward, thanking them for their action and letting them know what to do next.

4. Include your calling action in press releases.

Record-breaking calling initiatives are newsworthy in Trump’s America. As you launch your campaigns, consider focusing your press release or talking points on the calling action itself – and include your toll-free number. PR teams who understand digital advocacy can help you find the right publications and the right language to make your calling campaign go viral.

5. Run click-to-call ads.

With advanced targeting technology, it’s easier than ever to reach your desired audience through paid media. If you have been building a membership database, you’ll have access to device IDs, email addresses, social profiles and many other data points that allow for improved audience matching. Instead of simply clicking through to a landing page, your hypertargeted banner and search ads can also act as a calling patch-through.

Mobile banner ads allow for bold branding with a clear “call now” CTA. The rich data available from the Google AdWords mobile call extension allows for improved campaign reporting and advocacy action attribution.

Call Congress

In the face of challenging legislation at both the state and federal level, the first step to resistance is empowering your supporters to get involved. Make sure you’re doing everything you can to give them that chance.