Do you ever wonder if you REALLY need eight glasses of water a day? Of course it’s important to stay hydrated, but where is the data that says you need exactly eight glasses? Will only seven glasses a day kill you? Details matter and digital advertising analytics can leave the same questions.

Everyone says digital is the way to go, but it seems like you spend hours on blog posts only to wonder if anyone actually ends up reading them. Honestly, how many times have you given up on digital messaging just because you can’t be sure if it’s worth the time and money? After all, you can’t afford to go on just conventional wisdom.

Don’t worry, we won’t hold it against you, we’ve been there too.

We live in an increasingly data-driven world. Some of this data is pretty easy to find and analyze. Take page views for example: it’s a metric that seems straightforward, but what does it really mean? If I look at the analytics for this post and see that it resulted in 5,000+ views then I might feel pretty good about myself!

Analytics - lots of views

But if I dig a bit deeper, I might discover that the average time spent on the page was only five seconds. If so, I may need to rethink a few things (like maybe my first sentence…).

Analytics 5 seconds

Often, data needs a little more context if it’s going to inform smart decisions and opportunities. Source codes are a commonly used way to determine how effective ads or posts are at growing your subscriber list, but they exclude some important details.

For example, what if somebody read your post on Facebook, but didn’t convert right away? Then, later in the day, they decided to search for your organization’s name. After searching for the organization and reading more about it, they converted. If this happens enough times – and you’re only looking at source code data – then you might determine that Facebook posts alone don’t result in conversions. You wouldn’t realize what an important step they are in your audience’s conversion path.

Marketing specialists agree that most conversions require multiple “touches.” If you aren’t tracking these touch points, then you are missing some vital information.

In the above Facebook post example, you may only see a high number of conversions from Google because your strong social media content inspires searches. If you chose to spend less time and money on your social media content, that could actually have a negative impact on your growth.

Luckily, there are ways to find the information you need to make smart decisions.

Here are some basic examples of “Multi-Channel Paths” that have been mapped in Google Analytics:

Based on the information in this image, I can see that the number one way most people convert on this particular website is by clicking on content from a social network that directs to the site, leaving and then coming back after clicking on a paid search ad.

Analytics Path 2

The information in this image shows that most of this website’s conversions come from people first clicking on a display ad that directs them to the site then leaving and coming back later after searching for the website again.

With this information, you know the number of times that people visited your site before converting and how they got there. Google Analytics data like this can get as granular as you need to make good decisions and recognize opportunities. This is just the beginning.

What if….

  • You knew exactly what keywords people searched for while on your site?
  • You knew exactly which of your pages (and the order) people visited when navigating your site?
  • You knew exactly how much time was being spent on each of your pages?
  • You knew exactly which page resulted in the most exits?
  • You knew exactly where your website traffic was coming from?

The possibilities are endless if you know where to look.

Data is getting more precise every day. And while we’ll leave it to the doctors to provide data on water-drinking, when it comes to advertising, you can stop wondering what’s working and what isn’t. The right metrics are there: they just need to be teased out.


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