We’re really proud of our team and our clients every day. But today is special. Today we are honored to share that we have been recognized by Campaigns & Elections Magazine as finalists in 10 categories for the 2018 Reed Awards.

Thank you to our clients and team members whose hard work and creative energy brought these campaigns to life. The winners in each category will be announced February 27.

Scroll down to see the finalist entries:

Overall Best Use of New Technology

Best Use of Mobile Technology

Best Use of SMS

Daily Action

Daily Action’s user-friendly format allows its subscribers to easily use the power of MMS, SMS and calling technology on their phones to take civic action. It takes advantage of the unique capabilities of mobile technology—the high open rates, information-gathering and rapid-response potential of text messaging and the power of constituent action through phone calls—to empower progressive politics. With Daily Action, many subscribers are realizing for the first time that politics aren’t something that happens to them, but rather something that they can choose to engage with and influence. This mass empowerment would not be possible without Daily Action’s unique mobile format.

Daily Action

Overall Best Website


The new website serves as the digital centerpiece of Giffords’ important mission to fight gun violence. With bold headlines, engaging colors, subtle animation and dynamic user journeys, the website instills a sense of courage and grassroots momentum for supporter outreach. The customized calls to action and optimized sign up forms drive engagement. The powerful infrastructure allows for the Giffords team to quickly act and post information during breaking news moments. Giffords Website awards

Best Website for Congressional Campaign

Moser for Congress

We crafted a user-friendly website for Laura Moser that tells her story and visually represents who she is as a candidate. Our team optimized the site for mobile, categorized her posts and created a filtering system for visitors to quickly find articles of interest.

The site offers visitors a clear picture of Laura’s love for her district and showcases her commitment to improving the lives of all Texans. We used strong visuals designed to reflect Laura’s commitment to progress in order to allow visitors to connect with her authentically.
Moser Website Awards

Best Website for Statewide Candidate

Beto for Texas

Beto O’Rourke’s website is beautiful on the frontend and powerful on the backend. The design is unique, bucking traditional statewide candidate website designs and standing out from the crowd with nontraditional colors. The robust distributed organizing map allows for quick event lookup and a strong feeling of momentum across the state. The Facebook Live feed sets Beto apart as an engaging, authentic and exciting candidate for the people of Texas.

Beto Website awards

Best Website for Mayoral Candidate

Bill de Blasio for Mayor

The de Blasio for Mayor website is visually heavy and intentionally bright. We eschewed the trend of large candidate pictures within the initial viewport, displaying instead a photo of New York City residents to imbue the site with strength and confidence for the campaign. Our team created a full homepage narrative, moving the user from “this is your city” to “this is your Mayor” in a visually rich and rewarding scrolling experience.

deBlasio website awards

Most Original Democratic Web Video

UltraViolet More Popular Than Trump

The ad was created with the intention of directly reaching Donald Trump to remind him just how unpopular he is, because the team at UltraViolet knows that’s all he actually cares about. This ad ran twice (with different numbers as his ratings fell) on Facebook, Twitter and TV to increase buzz and social engagement. It directs viewers to a splash page that encourages folks to sign up with their email address to “stop Trump and his anti-abortion cronies.”

With this video, we specifically chose to highlight issues that are often misconstrued as being unpopular – even though they’re not – just to emphasize how unpopular Donald Trump truly is.

Best Use of Online Targeting for Mayoral Candidate

Bill de Blasio for Mayor

The de Blasio for Mayor campaign ran a highly targeted persuasion and GOTV program. Pairing our targeting with the correct creative was key. We worked to develop unique messaging and imagery that matched our audiences and their location. Primary Spanish speakers were served Spanish ads, and Snapchat filters were customized to the neighborhoods of key targets. We also served Snapchat filters with poll closing time countdowns.

de Blasio ads awards

Best Use of Social Platform

Kamala Harris for Senate

In 2017, Senator Harris’ Facebook presence achieved significant growth and high engagement rates through storytelling and informing constituents. We focused on giving followers tangible ways to make a difference in policy that would affect their lives. By combining Kamala’s authentic voice, a commitment to elevating the debate, and the outstanding work of our creative team, the social media program has gained Harris nearly a 134% increase in Facebook followers compared to last year.
Kamala social media awards