We are excited to share that Campaigns & Elections Magazine has recognized Revolution Messaging as a finalist in 10 categories for the 2017 Reed Awards!

Thank you to our clients and team members whose hard work and creative energy went into making these campaigns a reality, and congratulations to all other nominees. The winners will be announced February 17 in Las Vegas, Nevada – and we are honored to be finalists in the following categories:


Best Online Fundraising Program
Bernie 2016

The Sanders campaign raised $218 million online –  more contributions in a presidential primary than any candidate ever, and more than Obama received in 2008 in full – and those contributions were almost exclusively from small-dollar donors giving an average of $27 at a time. Ninety-four percent of money raised came from online donations. There were more than 2.4 million donors, giving a total of 7.6 million contributions. Senator Sanders’ message inspired record-breaking participation from small-dollar donors. Read the full case study here.


Best Use of Social Media for Statewide Campaign
Kamala Harris for U.S. Senate

Kamala Harris’ U.S. Senate campaign knew it needed to use social media as a way to channel her authentic voice and connect with voters. We were honored to partner with her campaign to improve its social media growth and transform its Facebook and Twitter accounts into a powerful bully pulpit.

Inspired by effective methods from the Bernie Sanders campaign, our social media team knew that creativity, authenticity and timeliness were necessities. Halloween memes, story collections, petitions, and capitalizing on small, but timely moments helped distill Harris’ authentic voice and quickly double social media followers.

Kamala Harris social media


Best Website For Issue Advocacy Or Public Affairs Campaign
The Movement for Black Lives

We were honored to work with The Movement for Black Lives to give their national policy platform a digital home. The website, designed and developed by our technology team, served as the organization’s first introduction of their policy demands and featured opportunities for action and education. Movement for Black Lives laid the groundwork for individuals and organizations to come together and unite goals, fostering their own network of change.

The policy demands elevated Movement for Black Lives and their partner organizations into a national thought leader in the movement.  The website itself has been extremely successful in generating attention and engagement, achieving more than 90,000 page views on the day it launched alone.

Movement for Black Lives Website


Best Non-Traditional Online Advertising
Bernie 2016

2016 was the year of Snapchat political advertising. Our advertising team placed a series of Snapchat filter ads for the nine days leading up to, and including, the Iowa caucus. It was the first Snapchat ad placement for a Democratic candidate ever, and the first time Snapchat ran a geotargeted campaign for that many consecutive days. The series of filters featured a cartoon Bernie counting down the days to the caucus and asking Iowans if they were ready to “Feel the Bern.” The ads were viewed more than 3 million times.

Following the success of the Iowa filters, we also placed Snapchat ads in New Hampshire, Colorado, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Michigan, Wisconsin, Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio and New York. In total, we placed 34 unique Snapchat filters to reach a young voters.

Bernie Snapchat Ads


Best Fundraising Email Creative/Copy for Statewide Campaign
Kamala Harris for U.S. Senate

With a unique and powerful narrative, we knew Harris’ digital fundraising program had a lot of potential. We used a blend of text-based and graphic-based design, allowing us to break through the noise of people’s inboxes with a variety of different content. Supporters received everything from campaign store emails to sell campaign baseball t-shirts (just as the Dodgers were about to play in the playoffs), to in-depth copy on issues such as private prisons and criminal justice reform.

As always, a commitment to variety, testing and trying new things gave the campaign the fundraising boost it was looking for, and prepared the campaign to hit voters with exactly the right messaging down the stretch.


Revere Exchange
Best Self-Serve Platform

Revere Exchange, our self-serve advertising platform, empowers campaigns of all sizes to leverage a bevy of data sources on one easy-to-use centralized platform. With our new technology, campaigns can quickly and easily launch ads to reach their desired audience wherever they spend time online.

Unlike other self-service platforms, users aren’t required to use pre-built target audiences. Instead, users are able to upload their own lists and match them to IPs, device IDs, cookies and more. For users that don’t have their own lists, voter file segments are available in each account.

Revere Exchange Screenshare Demo


Best Use of Online Targeting for State Legislative Campaign
McKenzie Cantrell for State Representative

McKenzie Cantrell faced a tough race against Denver “Denny” Butler, who was backed by a powerful GOP Super PAC. Up against a significant financial disadvantage, the Cantrell campaign had to be strategic about where money was spent.

Our solution: Smart Cookie® matching. Smart Cookies® layer Device IDs, Cookies, and IPs to help advertisers increase both reach and frequency, targeting voters across all their devices. It didn’t matter that an opposing message was running at a high frequency to every resident in the district (whether or not they were eligible voters), Cantrell’s message reached the ones that mattered most. The campaign was able to persuade voters by running ads specifically for them and by using Smart Cookies® to reach them whether they were reading an article on their phones or on their desktop at work.

McKenzie Cantrell was the only Democrat in the KY House who was able to take a seat from a Republican incumbent, winning by a razor-thin 259 votes, despite being significantly outspent.


Best Use of Text Message Fundraising
Bernie 2016

With an increasing number of small-dollar contributions being made via a mobile device and a large list of mobile subscribers, the Bernie Sanders campaign was able to collect many small contributions via text message in two ways: carrier text to donate and ActBlue text to donate. Thousands of people used our Revere Mobile text-to-donate tools, saving them the trouble of pulling out a credit card, writing a check, or worrying about security.

Bernie Text to Give


Best Use of Display Advertising for Statewide Campaign
Kamala Harris for U.S. Senate

Throughout the campaign, Kamala Harris for U.S. Senate leveraged display advertising for not only persuasion and GOTV, but also acquisition. On the evening of the election, we may have been celebrating Harris’ win, but our country faced news none of us thought possible: Donald Trump had been elected as 45th President of the United States. Senator-elect Harris had a vision to push out a message to everyone using display advertising: We’re with you. Do not despair. We launched the rapid-response campaign, and in hours, couldn’t believe the response we were seeing.

Our team was able to put Senator-elect Harris’ inspiring and supportive message in front of 800,000 people on Facebook, immediately raising back 5X the amount invested within 72 hours.


Best Use Of Mobile Technology
Bernie 2016

Our developers worked with ActBlue to create a custom integration between Revere Mobile and the ActBlue Express Lane, a database of 3 million progressive donors—many of whom were also subscribed to the Bernie 2016 SMS list. Not only could we identify past donors, but also we could also take advantage of their stored payment information, allowing supporters to simply text their donation in the form of a keyword. During the debate, we sent a targeted text to SMS subscribers who were also ActBlue Express users and asked them to reply with NOW every time a candidate said something upsetting to make a donation. There was a lot to be upset about.

Bernie ActBlue Express