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Revere Mobile Rapid(er) Response

Our team is always looking for ways to make your rapid response campaigns easier and more effective.

We are excited to announce a new, streamlined mobile broadcast process, putting the most important functions front and center. The functionality you love is still there, just out of the way when you’re rushing to get the word out the door. Now sending text messages is as easy as creating a Tweet or Facebook post:

Mobile Broadcaster1


But, as simple as that is, you still have access to the full feature set:

Filter based on metadata:
Mobile Broadcaster2

Send interactive mobile flows:
Mobile Broadcaster3

Schedule messages for the future:
Mobile Broadcaster4

Personalize messages with Dynamic Insertion:
Mobile Broadcaster5

And segment messages for full A/B functionality:
Mobile Broadcaster6

If you already have a Revere Mobile account, you’ll be seeing the new broadcaster soon. If you don’t, call 866.858.8226 to schedule a demo.

Revolution Messaging Launches ‘Smart Cookies’: a New Way to Reach Voters

‘Smart Cookies’ Leverages TargetSmart Voter Data in Next Step in 2014 Digital Ad Revolution for Political Campaigns

Learn more at:

WASHINGTON, DC — Revolution Messaging is uniting the best in voter data with the next generation in advertising targeting with the launch of Smart Cookies. The future of reaching the specific voters you want on their desktop and mobile device is here now.

In election cycles past, many campaigns relied solely on cookies to reach their audiences. Smart Cookies takes targeted advertising to the next level by matching campaign data with cookies, IP addresses, device IDs, and other advertiser IDs like those offered by Facebook. This is all matched to TargetSmart’s National Voter File which is used by Democrats and Progressives across the country. Using Smart Cookies technology ensures the best match, the lowest bleed, and the best price on media for both video and display ads.

As part of the launch, Revolution Messaging announced the firm would match client membership and supporter data to all of these data sources and popular sites for FREE.

“Combining the power of TargetSmart’s voter data with Revolution Messaging’s next generation ad technology is an exciting and innovative use of our voter data. We’re confident Democratic and Progressive campaigns and organizations will benefit from these advances in both quality and ease of access,” said Bill Russell, TargetSmart’s Director of Business Development.

Already, 2014 promises to be a revolutionary election cycle for political digital advertising. Revolution Messaging’s digital advertising business has already doubled in the last year and tripled since 2012 — and the big fall push is just beginning.

“The way Americans consume media is changing and political campaigns are evolving too,” said Keegan Goudiss, head of advertising at Revolution Messaging. “Thanks to the innovative, low cost solutions we launched in 2014, targeted advertising technology isn’t just for corporate America and Presidential campaigns anymore.”

Smart Cookies is the next step in this revolution, allowing campaigns up and down the ballot to take their advertising strategy to the next level. Revolution Messaging is already working with campaigns of all sizes directly and through partnerships with Democratic agencies and media buyers that want to use the best targeting technology at the lowest cost.

By matching up and centralizing all of this data, campaigns will be able to more effectively and precisely reach their core audience wherever they are — driving higher engagement across devices, from smartphones and tablets to laptops and streaming TV. It can also be used to take advantage of the latest innovations in reaching individual TV viewers (e.g. satellite TV addressable advertising).

Once matched, clients can use these advertising audiences with over 100 different ad vendors, including Revolution Messaging’s own self-serve platform Revere Exchange — the new low-cost ad platform that puts the latest in technology and targeting in the hands of down ballot campaigns that were priced out of the market in past cycles.

Revolution Messaging is a leader in full service online organizing, offering fundraising, creative, video, mobile, advertising and technology services. The firm prides itself on bringing the cutting edge technology of the Obama campaign to down ballot political and issue campaigns for as little as $99/month. Follow us @revmsg.

Revolution Messaging
PRESS CONTACT: Moira Mack Muntz, 703-416-9188,

TargetSmart’s national voter file has the greatest depth of voting history and breadth of down-ballot district information, as well as the most extensive early and absentee vote information available anywhere. Every day, Democratic and Progressive political organizations and consultants use TargetSmart’s highly targeted data products and services to analyze, understand, and communicate directly, effectively, and accurately with voters.

PRESS CONTACT: Bill Russell, 202-470-5112,

6 Digital Questions You Should Ask This Campaign Season

Just a quick reminder to everyone, our team is here to help you with the best ad targeting technology at a cost substantially lower than what you will pay through others. Here are a few key items your team should consider when it comes to digital advertising:

1. Are you reaching people on the right screens?



Do you have a cross-screen strategy to reach older voters on tablets and desktops as well as drop-off voters on their smart phones during their daily commute? Don’t focus all your efforts on that old TV that sits by itself in the corner of the house… all alone…waiting for someone to stop looking at their phone.

2. Are you building your own retargeting audience?

RevMsg can provide you a free snippet of code to put on your website that will allow you to build a retargeting channel of your supporters.

3. Have you bought digital early to save money?

Learn the lessons from campaigns passed! In 2012, the Romney campaign outspent President Obama on digital advertising in Ohio. The Romney folks were bidding too much money on bad inventory…while the Obama team bought out the best inventory with minimum guarantees at a much lower price point! So buy early for better location, better effectiveness at lower costs!

4. Are you timing your digital ads to impact early voters?

As early voting becomes more universally adopted each election cycle, make sure you are prepared and this key portion of the electorate sees your ads before they vote. We can help your campaign get an edge by voter-file-targeting early voters, drop-off voters and young voters with Smart Cookies before they even request an absentee ballot!

5. Have you cookie matched your membership list and voter file data?



Revolution Messaging is offering our current clients free membership data matches with our Smart Cookie technology. Our team belongs to the national voter file co-op and is honored to make the Democratic voter file available to progressive campaigns. What was enormously sophisticated and expensive a few years ago can now be executed to assist down-ballot races spend their money more effectively and turn out the right voters! For more information about our Smart Cookie technology, click here.

6. Are you using the latest in mobile fencing?




Revolution Messaging pioneered mobile advertising for campaigns last election cycle. Don’t be caught spending your mobile advertising dollars with an agency learning the ropes this election. We offer the latest in hyper-local mobile fencing targeting and device ID matching. Don’t know what that means? Let us show you the strength of our mobile advertising technology first hand!

Next steps to building your unique cross-screen plan:
We are happy to discuss these strategies with you and your campaigns to help you reach your target audience in the most efficient and way possible. African-Americans, Latinos, working-women, and young voters all are early adopters of the full use of their mobile phones, tablets and Smart TV devices, if these are your key targets…let’s talk soon.

To speak with someone about digital advertising, call us at 202-299-9393.

The Evolving Role of SEO in Activism

If we were to ask you how you’re using SEO in your online strategy would you have a quick answer? If not, it’s okay – SEO, or search engine optimization, sometimes gets lost when designing websites and developing strategy, but it is important for anyone trying to be heard to incorporate it. SEO is becoming more prevalent and necessary to stay competitive. And with the need for SEO comes an endless amount of “experts” hoping to make a quick few bucks off of you. In our office, we try to help demystify SEO for our clients, especially in its use for issue advocacy or political campaigns.

The Basics

At its core, SEO proves vital because most traffic to your site will come from people using search engines. Part of how search engines work is by determining ratings and rankings of links – if your website is ranked high, you will show up more often and in a top spot for searches. When it comes to people researching a topic, having your message visible in the top search results becomes key to attracting potential supporters.

Through many different tools available you can figure out what keywords or phrases are truly driving traffic to your site and make an effort to utilize that keyword or phrase in new content or future blog posts and tweets. Another way to increase your ranking is determined by backlinks. Are you linking to authoritative sites, such as universities or major news outlets? Or are a lot of your links, and those linking to you, of “low quality?” With Google’s recent change to the way they rank sites through an updated algorithm, backlinks are becoming more and more significant.

Along with SEO, you can use search retargeting to target people who are searching for specific keywords relating to your business or site. If you don’t rank #1 for a key word, such as “Social Media,” which has a high competition rate, you can still target people who searched that through online ads. They never had to visit your site, a person only needs to search “Social Media” and you can target them. But SEO is changing and developing into something new every day.

How Social Media is Becoming a Player in SEO

No longer is SEO just about catering to a search engine and its algorithms – there is a new avenue that has begun to take center stage. 

It’s not just about finding the most effective keywords and links within your website or a specific blog post. Now, it’s how big is your social network? How many friends do you have or how many people are following you on Twitter? The greater your reach on social media, the more often your article or site will pop up higher in searches.

Social networking sites are beginning to integrate with all different types of search engines and this will affect how often your site shows up and how much traffic s driven your way. Google recently added the +1 tool, allowing users to endorse certain websites or ads, ones that they find the most helpful and interesting in their own searches. When they +1 a URL, they are telling their friends, followers and others searching for similar information that the site is worth checking out. Therefore, your goal is to find a way to entice users to +1 your site or your Google ad. And Google searches, as well as Bing searches, aren’t just influenced by +1. According to Mashable, they also take into account tweets and Facebook likes.

A new feature in Facebook ads also impacts your organization’s SEO strategy. An organization can choose a post, photo, video or link that can act like an ad and show up on the right sidebar. Friends of your fans see these ads – they see that someone they know likes a certain brand or group. For example, if you have a friend that likes Democrat Elizabeth Warren, you would see an ad on the right side of your screen featuring a post Warren chooses to promote with an “endorsement” from your friend: John Doe likes Democrat Elizabeth Warren will be written above an ad for the promoted message.

Political SEO

It wasn’t that long ago that political campaigns and bloggers were using “Google bombs” to help drive unsavory content about an opponent to the top of the search rankings. Google and other search engines spend a lot of time trying to prevent the gaming of results, but it is still possible to be the target of so-called “black hat” SEO tactics. Because of this, it is important that political campaigns and advocacy organizations institute both a defensive and offensive strategy when it comes to SEO. Do you monitor issues that matter to you, and where your organization is ranked on them?

SEO is a changing industry and will continue to change as social networking and search engines begin to integrate even more. Having the right keywords and quality links will still prove beneficial in boosting your online presence. But your organization should start to adapt to the increasing importance of your social networks and the role they are beginning to play in helping drive traffic to your site.

Revolution Messaging on Martin Luther King Jr. Day

On January 18th, Revolution Messaging staffers and friends volunteered at the Washington Hebrew Congregation’s 8th Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Work Day. We were surprised by the amount of energy and sheer number of people who came out to help various nonprofits–organizers reported that 200 more people showed up than was expected.

Between two floors, volunteers made tuna casseroles and PB&J sandwiches on long tables that stretched from one side of the room to the other. Due to the sheer volume of people, volunteers stood closely side-by-side, spreading peanut butter and jelly on bread or cutting up vegetables, while others packed it up to be sent to local homeless shelters.

After finishing making all the sandwiches we could (literally, we ran out of bread), the Revolution Messaging crew joined the other volunteers at Z-Burger, which generously contributed free burgers to those who worked at the event.

We want to send our thanks to the Washington Hebrew Congregation for organizing a successful service project that brought together over 200 local residents as well as Z-Burger for supporting community service.

On this day we remembered what Martin Luther King Jr. once declared: “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?'” We encourage others to utilize community service databases such as Greater DC Cares, VolunteerMatch, Serve.Gov, and OneBrick to find answers to that question.

Going Offline for Service

Right now, we have an opportunity to live the saying “think globally, act locally.”

Since Tuesday, all our thoughts and prayers have been with the people going through a tragedy in Haiti. But there is hope, and we’ve embraced a new way to give it. So far, concerned citizens have donated $10 million through text messages to rebuild Haitian lives and communities. Mobile giving is revolutionizing the ability of people to give in a swift and urgent manner to those who need it most. It’s another way thinking globally is turning everyday devices into tools to improve the world.

In just minutes, you can donate money to Haiti relief efforts by texting YELE to 501501, HAITI to 20222, HAITI to 90999, or ONEHEART to 85944.

This Monday, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, is a national day of service. Projects around the country will offer opportunities to act locally, reminders that we can personally make a difference right in our own communities.

By taking Monday “on” instead of “off,” we in the DC area can help improve it by beautifying local parks, elementary schools, or donating food and warm clothes. The Revolution Messaging staff will go offline on Monday to work at the Washington Hebrew Congregation’s 8th annual MLK Jr. service project where we will prepare hot food and sandwiches for the homeless. We encourage clients and supporters to join us this Monday by RSVPing on Facebook.

For those outside the DC area, VolunteerMatch, Serve.Gov, OneBrick are great resources to find service projects in your community.