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Revere Exchange: Bringing Bernie’s Success to Campaigns Everywhere

Targeted digital advertising was one of the most important strategies that allowed the Bernie Sanders campaign to succeed despite launching at a significant disadvantage when it came to name recognition, list-building and a fundraising network, but the long-term effects of the political revolution can only be realized by empowering progressive candidates up and down the ballot.

National and statewide races are important, but progressives also need to be competitive in state legislative and municipal elections too. Revere Exchange makes digital targeting available to every progressive campaign, no matter how small.

With this in mind, we released an updated version of the Revere Exchange platform to make targeted advertising more accessible to campaigns of all sizes.

Rapid Response

Revere Exchange allows you to upload your audience early to be prepared for peak opportunities when you have little time to capitalize on an issue in the news.

Easy-to-use Interface

The platform is built for the user whether you are a newbie to ad placement or a seasoned professional. Upload your list, select your goals, choose your audience and share your creative with the click of a button.

Custom Matching Using Next-Generation Smart Cookies

You’ve got a database. We’ve got a place for it. Upload any list, whether a custom voter file or your membership list. As long as it’s got an email, cell phone and/or physical address, we can match it.

Use your own creative

Save time and money by using your own creative. Upload your creative assets directly into Revere Exchange for quick placement.

First launched in 2014, Revere Exchange was the political ad market’s first self-serve tool. Now, we’re taking it to the next level. Campaigns work hard to build their supporter lists and need to control their own data. With that in mind, Revere Exchange allows campaigns to upload their existing lists into the platform and select the goal. There is no minimum spend to match your lists.


Revere Exchange also uses Smart Cookie™ targeting and Device IDs to rematch lists more frequently ensuring that cookies deleted from users’ browsers are no longer in play. This keeps campaigns hitting their goals and prevents costly fraud.

We turn your list into a powerful rapid response tool, quickly delivering display ads, social and video, as well as native ads, which are seamlessly integrated into any platform from Facebook to local news sites.

From fundraising and list building to turning out voters at events or at the polls, native ads were among the most effective tools for the Sanders campaign and are crucial to down-ballot campaigns as well. Smart Cookie™ targeting and Device IDs ensure that more people will see them on the devices they use most whether desktops, phones or iPads.


The technology that delivered Bernie Sanders’s message to millions played a critical role in building a political revolution. Whether you’re running a campaign for city council or U.S. Congress, Revere Exchange can help you start one too.

Sharing Thoughts On The Tragedy in Orlando

Nearly a year ago, Revolution Messaging joined most of the country in celebrating the Obergefell v. Hodges ruling. After this weekend’s tragic events in Orlando, we join our LGBTQ staff, our friends, our families, and the broader LGBTQ community in mourning.

In the aftermath of the attack, much has been said about the difference between terror and hate, but what is terror if not hate fully realized and enacted against a group of people simply for what they believe, how they self-identify, or who they love?

Just as hatred drives people to lash out on social media, put forward racist platforms, propose legislation banning people from bathrooms matching their gender identity, or block employment protections for LGBTQ workers, it can also manifest itself in mass violence when combined with easy access to assault weapons.

It is Revolution Messaging’s mission to use digital platforms to support organizations and candidates in their work toward equality, inclusivity, and cultural and legislative change. Together, we can prevent atrocities like the shooting in Orlando.

In addition, we fight against complacency. Too often, activism stops at social media posts and memory ends as the next news cycle begins. As activists, we cannot change unjust policy and attitudes without the emotional investment of the people we reach. Together with our clients, we will redouble our efforts to spark conversation that will further a culture of acceptance.

June 12th will be a landmark date, but let’s not let it become the sort of memorial we think about only one day a year. As we stand in solidarity with our LGBTQ team members, friends, and loved ones, let’s honor them and the Orlando victims by renewing our efforts to end the culture of homophobia that begets hate crimes, and pass comprehensive, common-sense gun reform.

Please help the families of the victims by donating through Equality Florida here

Meet Progressive.Work

Today we are proud to announce the launch of Progressive.Work, a site for connecting job seekers with employers fighting for progressive causes.

As the primary season nears its end, the Sanders campaign has required fewer staff members. However, these dedicated campaigners have invaluable experience and have much to offer other progressive campaigns that are just ramping up for 2016, as well as progressive organizations and non-profits. In the past, volunteers from the progressive community have shared Google spreadsheets or other temporary makeshift lists to help connect those recently unemployed with jobs. Revolution Messaging wanted to find a better way.

Progressive.Work gives us a way to more efficiently and effectively play matchmaker between progressive professionals and progressive campaigns and organizations that would benefit from their experience. While inspired by our desire to help our friends coming off the Sanders campaign, Progressive.Work is built to be a permanent solution that we hope will help progressives well beyond 2016.

At Progressive.Work, job-seekers can upload their resumes and provide their cell phone number to access the jobs board. After signing up, job seekers are notified by text message as new jobs in their field are posted.

Do you have a progressive job post to share? We’re inviting companies to submit your job listings and save the time you’d usually spend sorting stacks of resumes and navigating makeshift spreadsheets in search of a qualified prospect. Click here to get started.

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Protect Your List

How list swaps and joint actions are killing digital fundraising…

By Mike Nellis

I’ve been doing digital fundraising for almost a decade now, and it seems like every single day one of my clients has been approached by another campaign or organization to do what is called a list swap or joint action. Essentially, you voluntarily give up all or part of your list to acquire an equal number of email addresses from a similar-minded campaign or organization.

Sure, it’s a cheap way to build an email list, but is it the most effective?

The answer is no. The more email lists your subscribers are on, the less likely they are to see your message in their inbox or donate to your campaign. Additionally, if a portion of your email list is acquired by what we call a “bad faith actor” — a campaign or organization that sends an excessive amount of emails and uses deceptive tactics to “trick” people into donating (FINAL NOTICE to our friends at the DCCC here) — then they are less valuable to the campaign over the long run.

It has become a defacto policy at Revolution Messaging in recent years to recommend against list swaps or joint actions. We believe that your supporters should be treated with respect and dignity. They are not property to be handed off to some other entity without their consent. At Revolution Messaging, we are betting that our clients will raise more money over the long-term if we treat them less like ATM machines and more like people.

We are not alone in this idea. By doing list swaps, you put your activists, donors and general supporters at risk of being spammed by other campaigns. Remember, campaigns you do list swaps with are likely also doing list swaps with dozens of other campaigns, so you are exposing your list to significant harm.

Campaigns should value and protect their list, hold onto it and keep it safe from abuse.

Luckily, there is a better way to grow your list and foster long term engagement and fundraising success — digital acquisition through sponsored content on social media and paid petitions.

Yes, this does cost money. You will need to invest in acquisition in order to raise significant money online. With a good email fundraising program, you can see a return of 3 to 1 from acquisition campaigns, as opposed to a net negative return from campaigns that are using list swaps and joint actions. Once you have built an audience, focusing on math, targeting, testing, and optimization will only increase the value of your list behind your acquisition dollars.

All of the most successful Revolution Messaging clients like Bernie Sanders and Tim Canova are utilizing this model to raise millions in small-dollar, individual contributions.

Why aren’t you?

Need help building a loyal email list? Reach out to us today for acquisition help.

Donald Trump, The Billionaire Pocket Spammer

Trump Campaign Sued for Unsolicited Text Messages


By Sam Lozier

Shocker. Donald Trump is a Pocket Spammer.

At the end of April, the Trump campaign was sued for breaking federal law by sending thousands of unsolicited text messages to mobile users throughout the country. Though we don’t know how widespread the blast was, the idea of it is so wrong for unsuspecting mobile users and agencies who follow the proper mobile opt-in regulations.

The law is clear. Regulations require users to opt-in to receive messages because the cost of the messaging is charged to each cell phone. The Trump campaign broke these rules, costing end users money for those text messages that billionaire Trump was not paying for.


Via USA TODAY: “The federal lawsuit filed Monday contains this image of the text message plaintiffs say was sent, unsolicited, by the Trump campaign. (Photo: Photo via federal court record)”


Luckily for users and agencies in the space, the Trump campaign is facing a lawsuit for the unsolicited blast. The campaign could be fined up to $1,500 per text message received by each customer.

It took Revolution Messaging nearly five years to get the FCC to stand up for mobile phone users and make these violations crystal clear under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). It all started in November of 2010 when, after an onslaught of illegal text message spam was used against Democrats, Revolution Messaging developed a calling tool for people to call their attorney general’s office to report misuse of political text messages.

In anticipation of continued misuse in the 2012 election, we ramped up the effort to fight text spam. We did our homework, set up hotlines to different states’ attorney general’s offices, and eventually filed a petition with the FCC asking that they clarify the TCPA to protect consumers from companies sending political spam text messages. Finally, after accepting comments and reviewing the cases of misuse, the FCC ruled in June of 2015 to protect consumers from unwanted political text message spam — exactly what Trump tried to do this cycle.

We are proud of the hard work that went into preserving the text message space and hope the Trump campaign’s misuse is a message to others who attempt to spam voters in the coming election.

You can read all about Revolution Messaging’s push to protect consumers and the mobile industry here.

Revolution Messaging Named Digital Strategists of the Year, Wins Nine Pollie Awards

By Maeve Stier

It is an incredible honor to be recognized by our peers in the political campaign community. We are truly humbled to announce that the American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC) named Revolution Messaging the Digital Strategists of the Year. The Campaign Excellence Awards are a longstanding tradition but this is the first-ever award for ‘digital strategist of the year,’ a reflection of the dramatic rise in importance of digital strategy for political campaigns.

Last night, the AAPC held their annual Pollie Awards. Dubbed “the Oscars of political advertising,” Pollies are awarded for excellence in political communication and public affairs work. This year, the Pollie Awards recognized Revolution Messaging in nine categories, including Overall Best in Show for Bernie 2016.

We are honored to have won the following categories:

Web Video Gold #GoodellMustGo – UltraViolet

Best Internet Campaign Gold – Bernie 2016
Best in Show Gold – Bernie 2016

Website – Presidential Primary – Democrat Gold – Bernie 2016
Internet Advertising – Presidential Primary – Democrat Gold – Bernie 2016
Web Video – Presidential – Democrat Silver Backstage with Killer Mike – Bernie 2016

Best Use of Overall Internet Fundraising – Presidential Primary – Democrat Gold Bernie 2016 Grassroots Fundraising – Bernie 2016
Best Fundraising Gift With Donation Gold SuperPACK of Supporters – Bernie 2016
Best Use of Email Fundraising Gold Ben & Jerry Email – Bernie 2016

Thank you to everyone whose hard work and creative energy went into making these campaigns a reality, and congratulations to all other Pollie Award winners.

Revolution Messaging Named Digital Strategists of the Year

Bernie Sanders’ Digital Firm Honored for Campaign Excellence

In an awards ceremony Wednesday night, the American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC) named Revolution Messaging the Digital Strategists of the Year. The Campaign Excellence Awards are a longstanding tradition of the AAPC, however this is the first ever award for “digital strategist of the year,” a reflection of the dramatic rise in importance of digital strategy for political campaigns.

“It is an honor to be recognized by our peers in the world of political consulting. Revolution Messaging may not be the biggest firm, but we are innovative, scrappy and we love what we do,” said Revolution Messaging CEO Scott Goodstein. “We are committed to advancing technology and using it creatively to help progressive campaigns compete at every level. We are proud to be rewriting the campaign playbook for 2016 in partnership with our clients, Bernie Sanders and the most compelling voices in the progressive community.”

Revolution Messaging is the digital firm for the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign, leading online fundraising, digital advertising, branding, video creation, website development, the online store, and the Artists for Sanders program. The firm has helped the Sanders campaign widely surpass the expectations of the political community in Washington, shattering grassroots fundraising records, breaking new ground in digital advertising and social media strategy, amassing enormous crowds at rallies, and developing new text-to-donate technology.

The AAPC awards recognize those individuals who have significantly contributed to the success of a candidate or public affairs campaign and whose conduct has been consistent with the professional code of ethics of the AAPC.  Nominations from the AAPC membership and political consulting community at large were vetted by an Independent Panel of Judges and recommendations were voted upon and confirmed by the AAPC Board of Directors.

Revolution Messaging is a leader in full service online organizing, offering fundraising, creative, video, mobile, advertising and technology services. Founded in 2009 and led by key members of the 2008 Obama campaign, the award-winning firm is a leader in cutting-edge progressive strategies for a mobile world. Follow us @revmsg.

Revolution Messaging Helped Wasserman Schultz Challenger Raise Record Breaking $557K in First Quarter 2016

Canova haul shows the firm’s national low-dollar model works for down ballot races

Washington, DC— The left’s leading full service digital firm, Revolution Messaging, announced today that the firm helped Tim Canova raise a record breaking $557 thousand in the first quarter of 2016. Canova, who is challenging DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz in Florida’s 23rd Congressional District, raised more than any previous first-time candidate has accumulated in the first quarter of the election year. The sum also tops Wasserman Schultz’s campaign fundraising for any quarter in all of 2014.

Revolution Messaging has won praise in recent months for helping Bernie Sanders outraise Hillary Clinton through millions of small dollar online contributions. Similarly, Canova’s average contribution is $20 and only six donors have made the maximum contribution, so 99.99% of his supporters can give again.

Nearly $100 thousand of Canova’s first quarter fundraising total was raised in the last four days of the quarter, underscoring that the campaign has the grassroots momentum to defeat Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

“With his record breaking fundraising haul this quarter, Tim Canova is proving it is possible for a grassroots-funded campaign to take on a powerful incumbent — even one so firmly embedded in the establishment,” said Mike Nellis, a Senior Digital Strategist at Revolution Messaging who developed and implemented the digital fundraising program for the Canova campaign. “Tim Canova is a candidate who speaks truth to power and will fight for working Americans, not big corporations. We are bringing the best digital strategies and branding available to amplify his message. Thanks to Canova’s supporters, we are well on our way to building a campaign that can compete and win.”

Revolution Messaging is a leader in full service online organizing, offering fundraising, creative, video, mobile, advertising and technology services. Founded in 2009 and led by key members of the 2008 Obama campaign, the award-winning firm is a leader in cutting-edge progressive strategies for a mobile world. Follow us @revmsg.

Revolution Messaging Media Contact: Moira Mack Muntz, 703-416-9188,


Revolution Messaging Wins Seven 2016 Reed Awards

By Micaela Chavez

Last night Campaigns & Elections Magazine recognized Revolution Messaging with seven 2016 Reed Awards, including two overall awards. We are honored to win for the following campaigns:

Overall: Best Online Advertising Campaign Of 2015
Bernie 2016 Online Advertising
Client: Bernie 2016

Our nimble, targeted advertising strategy has helped Bernie 2016 rocket to the top of the digital pack. Our objective was to connect with voters early and often, experiment frequently, and to not overcomplicate our message or tactics.


Overall: Best Web Video Of 2015
Client: UltraViolet

The web clip at the center of UltraViolet’s #GoodellMustGo campaign was a 15 second video depicting a uniformed football player tackling a woman without protective gear. The metaphor drove home a powerful message concerning the NFL’s domestic violence problem. Public scrutiny and media attention surrounding Sports Illustrated’s decision to not run the video resulted in a reversal of their decision. The #GoodellMustGo video sparked a firestorm that helped change the conversation leading up to the Super Bowl by highlighting the prevalence and gravity of domestic violence.

Best Use of Online Targeting
Bernie 2016 Online Targeting
Client: Bernie 2016

Bernie 2016 has created a political revolution. This campaign endeavored to build a grassroots movement by connecting with millions of progressive Americans on issues that matter. We used online targeting to reach an untapped audience and convert them into activists and donors.


Best Online Fundraising Program
Bernie 2016 Grassroots Fundraising
Client: Bernie 2016

Bernie Sanders’ online fundraising in 2015 wasn’t just good — it was historic. Steering clear of fundraising tricks or gimmicks, our campaign relied upon creative, unique, and timely content that focused on the issues and did not compromise our candidate’s authentic voice. Almost exclusively from small-dollar contributions, Bernie 2016 has raised more than $70 million thus far.


Best Fundraising Email Creative/Copy
Ben & Jerry’s Email
Client: Bernie 2016

With this email, we sought to communicate with supporters about an issue central to Bernie’s campaign: money in politics. We asked Ben & Jerry’s co-founders, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, if they would be willing to put their names on an email we designed that used humor to distill the Citizens United decision into easily digestible content. The success of the Ben & Jerry’s email, which received a viral lift through social sharing, helped us grow our supporter list by tens of thousands, and raised six-figures from the re-direct fundraising page.


Best Earned Media Around A Single Event
UltraViolet #GoodellMustGo
Client: UltraViolet

In the beginning of 2015, the equality group UltraViolet launched the #GoodellMustGo campaign. Through a series of digital ads, this campaign sought to oust Roger Goodell for his failure to take a stand against domestic violence happening at the hands of the NFL. After Sports Illustrated rejected the placement of UltraViolet’s hard-hitting web video #GoodellMustGo, the story quickly spread across the Internet. In a few short days, the video was featured in more than 450 local and national outlets such as CNN, The View, AdWeek, Salon, Fortune and Huffington Post.


Best Use Of Application Software For A Mobile Device
SMART Union Labels Mobile Application
Client: SMART Union

The SMART Union mobile application was created for workers of the International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation (SMART). Compatible with iOS and Android platforms, the SMART label scanning application allows the user’s camera phone to scan the assigned label in order to track its source and destination.

For over 100 years, sheet metal union labels have been the proud symbol of quality made union products fabricated by skilled workers. In an effort to make sure these labels are not just recognized, but also modernized, Revolution Messaging worked with SMART Union to make sure the labels could be scanned and tracked back to the contract of the local fabrication agreement to ensure quality and proper wages are observed for all workers.

Available to 700 unions across North America, the application also allows workers to access the latest SMART Union news and to report issues to management using geolocation, either directly or via an anonymous proxy.


All of these campaigns were team efforts. We share this honor with our amazing clients and hard-working staff, without whom none of this would be possible.

Revolution Messaging Launches First of Its Kind “Text-to-Donate” technology for Bernie Sanders’ Presidential Campaign

First Presidential Campaign to Integrate Text Messaging with ActBlue Express to Allow Quicker Rapid Response Donations

Washington, DC — Today, full service digital firm Revolution Messaging is pleased to announce the launch of an innovative text-to-donate technology for the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign. Powered by Revolution’s Revere Mobile platform, this integration enables supporters with ActBlue Express accounts to quickly donate to the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign via text messaging. With an increasing number of small-dollar contributions being made via a mobile device, and a large list of mobile subscribers, the Sanders campaign is now in a better position than any other campaign to take advantage of high leverage moments for fundraising.

Revolution Messaging’s integration with ActBlue Express drastically simplifies the mobile donation process to a simple text message asking if you would like to donate via your Express Account. This integration ties the supporter’s cell phone with their Express Pay account. Prior to this integration, SMS contributions were prohibitively expensive for campaigns because of  exorbitant charges to the wireless bill. This technology cuts out extra steps, carriers costs, and pricey percentages not going to the campaign. Now, with just a few keystrokes, a donor can quickly contribute from their phone using their payment information already stored within ActBlue.

Already, Revolution Messaging and the Bernie Sanders campaign are deploying creative strategies to raise record contributions without a traditional fundraising team. This new technology will make it easier than ever for supporters to make quick, event-driven donations such as during debates or rallies. The campaign will now be able to quickly text supporters breaking news alerts and invite them to reply to donate.

“Our new ‘Text-to-donate’ technology will make it easier than ever for supporters to donate from their mobile phones,” said Revolution Messaging CEO Scott Goodstein. “We are proud to be changing the traditional political campaign playbook with the Bernie Sanders campaign — and we’re excited to add this first of its kind technology.”

The technology was launched last night with a text during the Republican debate.

Revolution Messaging has a long history in advancing progressive technology:

  • 2008: CEO Scott Goodstein made history by building the revolutionary text messaging and mobile communications program for President Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign.

  • 2012: Revolution Messaging submitted (and won) an advisory opinion request (AOR) to the FEC and had it approved in 2012 by the Federal Election Commission (FEC)  evolving the pathway to mobile contributions for political campaigns.

  • 2014: The firm worked with The FEC again in 2014 to get better guidance on mobile advertising and reduce the restrictions on the disclaimers for small-sized mobile ads for political campaigns. (the first 3-3 tie of the current FEC)

  • 2015: Revolution Messaging won their petition to the Federal Communications Commission to make political text messaging spam be declared illegal under the TCPA.

In addition to running all of the online fundraising for the Bernie Sanders campaign, the firm also manages the campaign’s digital advertising, branding, video creation, website development, online store, and Artists for Sanders program.

ActBlue is a non-profit, building fundraising technology for the left. In just 10 years, ActBlue helped raise over $900 million for Democrats and progressives. As of this writing, they boast nearly 2 million members with Express accounts.

The Bernie Sanders campaign continues to lead the digital space with more grassroots contributions than any presidential campaign in history through the end of 2015.

Sanders’ Digital Campaign By the Numbers:

  • More than 2.5 million contributions through the end of 2015 — more than any presidential campaign in history achieved by this point (including Obama in 2008 and 2012).

  • Over 1 million donors to the campaign.

  • Over 2.3 million highly engaged followers on Facebook.

  • Sanders has led Clinton in YouTube searches by almost a 2:1 margin. (Source: Forbes)

  • receives more traffic than any other candidate’s website. (

  • The Bernie Sanders campaign has changed the playbook by having no dedicated off-line fundraising team.

Text BERNIE to 82623 to join Bernie Mobile (msg&data rates may apply)