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Revolution Messaging Named Finalist for 2015 Reed Awards

Campaigns & Elections Magazine has recognized Revolution Messaging as a finalist in four categories for the 2015 Reed Awards. The winners will be announced January 23 in Las Vegas, Nevada – and we are honored to make the finalist list for these entries:

Best Web Video for Mayoral Candidate
“Don’t Be a Puppet”
Client: David Catania for Mayor
2014 was the year of the puppet. This video sought to paint Muriel Bowser as a political machine and highlight the danger of being an uninformed voter. “Don’t Be a Puppet” initiated a competitive election, and Bowser even attacked the puppets during debates.

Best Website for Independent Expenditure Campaign
Client: Maryland State Education Association
Maryland State Education Association’s Apple Ballot campaign revealed the power of digital in downballot races. We worked with MSEA to bring educator endorsements to the web, complete with responsive design, branding, zip code lookup and SMS Election Day reminders. 86% of MSEA-endorsed candidates won in the June primary and 71% of endorsed candidates won in the November election. On a bad night for Democrats, helped with driving votes in key down-ballot elections.


Best Website for Issue Advocacy or Public Affairs Campaign
Client: Ohio Education Association provides data analysis from the Ohio Department of Education in an effort to transparently compare public schools and publicly funded charter schools. In addition to responsive design, branding and analysis, Revolution provided an open-sourced library of scripts that parse, compile and prepare data for SQL import that can be viewed on GitHub for added credibility. The site has been so successful that the conservative Republican governor has spoken out about charter school reform to major state media outlets.


Best Online Fundraising Program
Americans for Responsible Solutions PAC
Client: Americans for Responsible Solutions
When most people think of SuperPACs and Citizens United, the first thing that comes to mind is a small number of people and corporations donating large amounts of money to influence elections. Americans for Responsible Solutions PAC turned that notion on it’s head in 2014, engaging thousands and gaining an average contribution of less than $50.


In 2014, Revolution Messaging won five Reed Awards, including Best Website: Independent Expenditure, Public Affairs Advocacy or Ballot Initiative, Best Use of Viral Marketing, Best Villain, Toughest Television Advertisement and Best Use of Social Media Engagement.

Deadline Approaching to Enter Apps for Communities Challenge

Looking for your next challenge? Apps for Communities is hosting a contest to develop an app that helps improve daily life in cities – making local public information more personalized, usable and actionable. The contest, led by the Knight Foundation and the FCC, is looking to help people who don’t have easy access to the Internet, giving them the information they need on their cell phone while promoting broadband adoption.

The contest offers $100,000 in prizes, with $30,000 going to the winner, $20,000 for 2nd, $30,000 for 3rd and other prizes for different categories, including best design and best use of SMS.

Apps for Communities created a forum to share ideas and vote on any favorites.

Up to the challenge? Can you help improve the lives of those in your community who don’t have easy access to the Internet?

The deadline is approaching – Have your submission in by October 3!