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Revolution Messaging Named Digital Strategists of the Year, Wins Nine Pollie Awards

By Maeve Stier

It is an incredible honor to be recognized by our peers in the political campaign community. We are truly humbled to announce that the American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC) named Revolution Messaging the Digital Strategists of the Year. The Campaign Excellence Awards are a longstanding tradition but this is the first-ever award for ‘digital strategist of the year,’ a reflection of the dramatic rise in importance of digital strategy for political campaigns.

Last night, the AAPC held their annual Pollie Awards. Dubbed “the Oscars of political advertising,” Pollies are awarded for excellence in political communication and public affairs work. This year, the Pollie Awards recognized Revolution Messaging in nine categories, including Overall Best in Show for Bernie 2016.

We are honored to have won the following categories:

Web Video Gold #GoodellMustGo – UltraViolet

Best Internet Campaign Gold – Bernie 2016
Best in Show Gold – Bernie 2016

Website – Presidential Primary – Democrat Gold – Bernie 2016
Internet Advertising – Presidential Primary – Democrat Gold – Bernie 2016
Web Video – Presidential – Democrat Silver Backstage with Killer Mike – Bernie 2016

Best Use of Overall Internet Fundraising – Presidential Primary – Democrat Gold Bernie 2016 Grassroots Fundraising – Bernie 2016
Best Fundraising Gift With Donation Gold SuperPACK of Supporters – Bernie 2016
Best Use of Email Fundraising Gold Ben & Jerry Email – Bernie 2016

Thank you to everyone whose hard work and creative energy went into making these campaigns a reality, and congratulations to all other Pollie Award winners.

Revolution Messaging Wins Seven 2016 Reed Awards

By Micaela Chavez

Last night Campaigns & Elections Magazine recognized Revolution Messaging with seven 2016 Reed Awards, including two overall awards. We are honored to win for the following campaigns:

Overall: Best Online Advertising Campaign Of 2015
Bernie 2016 Online Advertising
Client: Bernie 2016

Our nimble, targeted advertising strategy has helped Bernie 2016 rocket to the top of the digital pack. Our objective was to connect with voters early and often, experiment frequently, and to not overcomplicate our message or tactics.


Overall: Best Web Video Of 2015
Client: UltraViolet

The web clip at the center of UltraViolet’s #GoodellMustGo campaign was a 15 second video depicting a uniformed football player tackling a woman without protective gear. The metaphor drove home a powerful message concerning the NFL’s domestic violence problem. Public scrutiny and media attention surrounding Sports Illustrated’s decision to not run the video resulted in a reversal of their decision. The #GoodellMustGo video sparked a firestorm that helped change the conversation leading up to the Super Bowl by highlighting the prevalence and gravity of domestic violence.

Best Use of Online Targeting
Bernie 2016 Online Targeting
Client: Bernie 2016

Bernie 2016 has created a political revolution. This campaign endeavored to build a grassroots movement by connecting with millions of progressive Americans on issues that matter. We used online targeting to reach an untapped audience and convert them into activists and donors.


Best Online Fundraising Program
Bernie 2016 Grassroots Fundraising
Client: Bernie 2016

Bernie Sanders’ online fundraising in 2015 wasn’t just good — it was historic. Steering clear of fundraising tricks or gimmicks, our campaign relied upon creative, unique, and timely content that focused on the issues and did not compromise our candidate’s authentic voice. Almost exclusively from small-dollar contributions, Bernie 2016 has raised more than $70 million thus far.


Best Fundraising Email Creative/Copy
Ben & Jerry’s Email
Client: Bernie 2016

With this email, we sought to communicate with supporters about an issue central to Bernie’s campaign: money in politics. We asked Ben & Jerry’s co-founders, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, if they would be willing to put their names on an email we designed that used humor to distill the Citizens United decision into easily digestible content. The success of the Ben & Jerry’s email, which received a viral lift through social sharing, helped us grow our supporter list by tens of thousands, and raised six-figures from the re-direct fundraising page.


Best Earned Media Around A Single Event
UltraViolet #GoodellMustGo
Client: UltraViolet

In the beginning of 2015, the equality group UltraViolet launched the #GoodellMustGo campaign. Through a series of digital ads, this campaign sought to oust Roger Goodell for his failure to take a stand against domestic violence happening at the hands of the NFL. After Sports Illustrated rejected the placement of UltraViolet’s hard-hitting web video #GoodellMustGo, the story quickly spread across the Internet. In a few short days, the video was featured in more than 450 local and national outlets such as CNN, The View, AdWeek, Salon, Fortune and Huffington Post.


Best Use Of Application Software For A Mobile Device
SMART Union Labels Mobile Application
Client: SMART Union

The SMART Union mobile application was created for workers of the International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation (SMART). Compatible with iOS and Android platforms, the SMART label scanning application allows the user’s camera phone to scan the assigned label in order to track its source and destination.

For over 100 years, sheet metal union labels have been the proud symbol of quality made union products fabricated by skilled workers. In an effort to make sure these labels are not just recognized, but also modernized, Revolution Messaging worked with SMART Union to make sure the labels could be scanned and tracked back to the contract of the local fabrication agreement to ensure quality and proper wages are observed for all workers.

Available to 700 unions across North America, the application also allows workers to access the latest SMART Union news and to report issues to management using geolocation, either directly or via an anonymous proxy.


All of these campaigns were team efforts. We share this honor with our amazing clients and hard-working staff, without whom none of this would be possible.

Revolution Messaging Named Finalist for 2015 Reed Awards

Campaigns & Elections Magazine has recognized Revolution Messaging as a finalist in four categories for the 2015 Reed Awards. The winners will be announced January 23 in Las Vegas, Nevada – and we are honored to make the finalist list for these entries:

Best Web Video for Mayoral Candidate
“Don’t Be a Puppet”
Client: David Catania for Mayor
2014 was the year of the puppet. This video sought to paint Muriel Bowser as a political machine and highlight the danger of being an uninformed voter. “Don’t Be a Puppet” initiated a competitive election, and Bowser even attacked the puppets during debates.

Best Website for Independent Expenditure Campaign
Client: Maryland State Education Association
Maryland State Education Association’s Apple Ballot campaign revealed the power of digital in downballot races. We worked with MSEA to bring educator endorsements to the web, complete with responsive design, branding, zip code lookup and SMS Election Day reminders. 86% of MSEA-endorsed candidates won in the June primary and 71% of endorsed candidates won in the November election. On a bad night for Democrats, helped with driving votes in key down-ballot elections.


Best Website for Issue Advocacy or Public Affairs Campaign
Client: Ohio Education Association provides data analysis from the Ohio Department of Education in an effort to transparently compare public schools and publicly funded charter schools. In addition to responsive design, branding and analysis, Revolution provided an open-sourced library of scripts that parse, compile and prepare data for SQL import that can be viewed on GitHub for added credibility. The site has been so successful that the conservative Republican governor has spoken out about charter school reform to major state media outlets.


Best Online Fundraising Program
Americans for Responsible Solutions PAC
Client: Americans for Responsible Solutions
When most people think of SuperPACs and Citizens United, the first thing that comes to mind is a small number of people and corporations donating large amounts of money to influence elections. Americans for Responsible Solutions PAC turned that notion on it’s head in 2014, engaging thousands and gaining an average contribution of less than $50.


In 2014, Revolution Messaging won five Reed Awards, including Best Website: Independent Expenditure, Public Affairs Advocacy or Ballot Initiative, Best Use of Viral Marketing, Best Villain, Toughest Television Advertisement and Best Use of Social Media Engagement.

Deadline Approaching to Enter Apps for Communities Challenge

Looking for your next challenge? Apps for Communities is hosting a contest to develop an app that helps improve daily life in cities – making local public information more personalized, usable and actionable. The contest, led by the Knight Foundation and the FCC, is looking to help people who don’t have easy access to the Internet, giving them the information they need on their cell phone while promoting broadband adoption.

The contest offers $100,000 in prizes, with $30,000 going to the winner, $20,000 for 2nd, $30,000 for 3rd and other prizes for different categories, including best design and best use of SMS.

Apps for Communities created a forum to share ideas and vote on any favorites.

Up to the challenge? Can you help improve the lives of those in your community who don’t have easy access to the Internet?

The deadline is approaching – Have your submission in by October 3!