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Meet Progressive.Work

Today we are proud to announce the launch of Progressive.Work, a site for connecting job seekers with employers fighting for progressive causes.

As the primary season nears its end, the Sanders campaign has required fewer staff members. However, these dedicated campaigners have invaluable experience and have much to offer other progressive campaigns that are just ramping up for 2016, as well as progressive organizations and non-profits. In the past, volunteers from the progressive community have shared Google spreadsheets or other temporary makeshift lists to help connect those recently unemployed with jobs. Revolution Messaging wanted to find a better way.

Progressive.Work gives us a way to more efficiently and effectively play matchmaker between progressive professionals and progressive campaigns and organizations that would benefit from their experience. While inspired by our desire to help our friends coming off the Sanders campaign, Progressive.Work is built to be a permanent solution that we hope will help progressives well beyond 2016.

At Progressive.Work, job-seekers can upload their resumes and provide their cell phone number to access the jobs board. After signing up, job seekers are notified by text message as new jobs in their field are posted.

Do you have a progressive job post to share? We’re inviting companies to submit your job listings and save the time you’d usually spend sorting stacks of resumes and navigating makeshift spreadsheets in search of a qualified prospect. Click here to get started.

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Revolution Messaging Named Digital Strategists of the Year, Wins Nine Pollie Awards

By Maeve Stier

It is an incredible honor to be recognized by our peers in the political campaign community. We are truly humbled to announce that the American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC) named Revolution Messaging the Digital Strategists of the Year. The Campaign Excellence Awards are a longstanding tradition but this is the first-ever award for ‘digital strategist of the year,’ a reflection of the dramatic rise in importance of digital strategy for political campaigns.

Last night, the AAPC held their annual Pollie Awards. Dubbed “the Oscars of political advertising,” Pollies are awarded for excellence in political communication and public affairs work. This year, the Pollie Awards recognized Revolution Messaging in nine categories, including Overall Best in Show for Bernie 2016.

We are honored to have won the following categories:

Web Video Gold #GoodellMustGo – UltraViolet

Best Internet Campaign Gold – Bernie 2016
Best in Show Gold – Bernie 2016

Website – Presidential Primary – Democrat Gold – Bernie 2016
Internet Advertising – Presidential Primary – Democrat Gold – Bernie 2016
Web Video – Presidential – Democrat Silver Backstage with Killer Mike – Bernie 2016

Best Use of Overall Internet Fundraising – Presidential Primary – Democrat Gold Bernie 2016 Grassroots Fundraising – Bernie 2016
Best Fundraising Gift With Donation Gold SuperPACK of Supporters – Bernie 2016
Best Use of Email Fundraising Gold Ben & Jerry Email – Bernie 2016

Thank you to everyone whose hard work and creative energy went into making these campaigns a reality, and congratulations to all other Pollie Award winners.

Revolution Messaging helps bring justice to Flint with donations via text message

By Carla Aronsohn and Maeve Stier

While Hollywood was celebrating its breathtakingly terrible track record of inclusion and diversity during the 88th Academy Awards ceremony on Sunday, February 28, another star-studded event focused on bringing justice to to a community in crisis took place on the other side of the country in Flint, Michigan.

#JusticeForFlint - Text JUSTICE to 83224Blackout for Human Rights teamed up with Revolution Messaging, ActBlue Charities and The Tides Foundation to organize a concert fundraiser to benefit those affected by the water contamination crisis in Flint. The event was live streamed online via Revolt TV to thousands of viewers and included performances by Janelle Monae and Stevie Wonder.

Revolution Messaging was honored to provide our SMS broadcast technology to the cause. Our Revere Mobile platform empowered attendees and viewers to effortlessly donate to the #JusticeForFlint Fund. We also provided digital strategy to maximize visibility and boost fundraising, such as promoting the shortcode and keyword during the #JusticeForFlint event and on social media.

To donate, viewers simply texted JUSTICE to 83224 from their mobile phone and clicked on a link to donate.

In just one day, Blackout for Human Rights built a membership base of 10,000 new SMS subscribers and the #JusticeForFlint fund received 4,000 contributions totaling over $150,000. Forty percent of people who joined the SMS list also made a contribution – an exceptional action rate. The hashtag #JusticeForFlint was the second-highest organic trending hashtag on Twitter nationally, topped only by the Academy Awards Oscars hashtag.

Donations are still being accepted. To support communities in Flint affected by the water crisis, text JUSTICE to 83224, msg&data rates may apply.Screenshot of text message - Text JUSTICE to 83224

Revolution Messaging Welcomes Our First Artist-in-Residence

Revolution Messaging is proud to announce a new way in how we collaborate with the artistic community. The Artist-in-Residence position will temporarily bring in talented artists who have an interest in advocacy to work with our HQ team in DC on different creative endeavors, telling the stories and painting the pictures of the progressive movement.

The first vacation canceled to bring this idea to life was that of Chris Northcross, filmmaker and graphic artist from Pontiac, MI, who will be with us in August. Chris is a veteran of political filmmaking and advocacy work, previously as a key member of the Obama New Media Road Team in 2008, as well as leading digital efforts in Michigan. He still works as a freelance videographer/editor/director and has done a lot of work for various groups in Michigan, including local NPR stations. We are excited and honored to welcome Chris to the team this August.

If you want to learn more about becoming an Artist-in-Residence at Revolution Messaging please email

What Not to Text – Inspired by Anthony Weiner

As they say, America loves a scandal. What the latest on Weinergate shows is that texting etiquette can easily become cause for media attention and could potentially derail your political career.

So here are some pro tips to get you through this whole SMS world. Disclaimer: some of this content will get graphic. (Below, you can find a nice TMInfographic a.k.a. too-much-information-graphic.)

Rule #1:

When sending a text message, make sure the recipients of that message know you’re the sender. Sending random texts to people may not yield the best reaction. Read: don’t even think about sending a text as Carlos Danger. Everyone will know it’s you (or they’ll think it’s Anthony Weiner). It just creates a danger-ous situation. (See what I did there?)

Rule #2:

The timing of your text messages can be really important. When scheduling your texts, make sure you’re not sending them at an inopportune time. Sometimes past texts you’ve sent can resurface when you’re running for mayor of New York City. It happens to everyone…

Rule #3:

Avoid autocorrect. Or your texts may turn into sexts. And Anthony Weiner can tell you all about that life. That being said, always check for typos and grammatical errors when sending SMS broadcasts.

Rule #4:

When you’re mobilizing your subscribers to action, make sure it’s not to that kind of action. Ask your supporters to make a phone call, RSVP to an event or take a poll – no need for other types of action.

Rule #5:

Sending links in texts can be a great tool, just remember to make sure the links are for mobile-friendly websites. If Anthony Weiner had sent invitations to campaign rallies and events via text instead of invitations for more intimate events, maybe things would have worked out differently. 🙂


Help the Revolution Celebrate the New Year

With 2012 coming to an end, Revolution Messaging is looking to you for help in choosing how we allocate donations to four of our favorite charities this year. Please take a second today to take part in our text message poll to help rank what percentage we will donate to each of the four organizations: Washington Humane Society, Jail Guitar Doors, Wounded Warriors Project and the DC Central Kitchen.

Text in your vote for ONE of these charities (only one vote per charity per cell phone):

Text A to 675309 for the Washington Humane Society

Text B to 675309 for Jail Guitar Doors

Text C to 675309 for Wounded Warriors Project

Text D to 675309 for the DC Central Kitchen

Thanks for all your support in 2012! We can’t wait to see what 2013 brings and we hope you all join us in helping to make sure the fires of social justice continue to burn bright in the new year.

Have a wonderful New Year!


New App Puts Tools To Fight Voter Suppression In Your Hands

Text OURVOTE to 90975 to verify registration status, check voting rules, find polling locations and report potential voting obstructions

(Washington, DC) – The new Election Protection app, available on all major mobile devices, is the most powerful election protection tool available today. The app was created to empower voters and to ensure that all eligible voters can cast their ballots and have them counted this Election Day.

One of the most important features of the app is the ability to ask questions or report any type of voting problem directly to a team of highly trained volunteers and tap into a coalition of attorneys and legal experts at the national and local level to immediately answer questions and pursue remedies.

“The development of this app was a true collaboration of organizations that are each focused on helping all eligible Americans vote and determined to put the power to protect voting rights directly in the hands of voters,” said Eric Marshall of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law.

This app, designed and built by Revolution Messaging, turns your mobile phone into a citizen watchdog tool and gives you the ability to connect to the national Voter Protection network by downloading the app from iTunes (search: Elect Protect), or by texting OURVOTE to 90975.  You can even use your phone’s GPS & camera features (iPhone users) to take a photo of the potential violation and geo-tag it to the exact location of the incident.

“As a former Freedom Rider, I know the incredible importance of exercising your right as an American to cast a ballot.  I hope every smartphone holder in the country uses the power now in their hands to fight for every single American’s precious right to vote,” said Harold Ickes, president of Catalist.

The app is available on all major mobile devices (iOS, Android, Blackberry) and works on all smartphones, tablets and through the mobile web.  It is easily shareable between friends and family – just tell them to text OURVOTE TO 90975 – regardless of the type of smartphone you might use. A Spanish language version of the app is also coming soon.

The mobile app allows users in real-time to:

  • Report problems and issues of obstructing voters rights through live hotline directly to the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, and use an easy to upload form to geo-tag the location if the problem using smartphone GPS, and even add a photo to the report
  • Verify voter registration status using links to Catalist‘s continuously updated national voter database
  • Submit voter registration forms through Rock-the-Vote
  • Look up polling locations through Google’s “VIP” service
  • See key voting rules & regulations for each state compiled by New Organizing Institute
  • Review what type of machines are used at each polling place compiled by Verified Voting

Download the app today – text OURVOTE to 90975!

Calling on the FEC to Make New Mobile Giving Program Accessible, Affordable & Transparent

Progressive Mobile Strategy Firm Asks FEC to Make New Mobile Giving Program Accessible, Affordable & Transparent 

Washington, DC – Revolution Messaging, the progressive leaders in cutting-edge mobile strategies, today took a stand on behalf of campaigns and organizations seeking to raise money via-text message.  The organization filed a request for Advisory Opinion with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) saying the current advisory opinion as issued does not make mobile giving as accessible, affordable or transparent as it should be.

“If the Federal Election Commission is serious about helping federal political committees take advantage of the most innovative technologies, they will consider these changes,” said Revolution Messaging’s Founder and CEO Scott Goodstein.  “We recognize and are empathetic to the carriers concerns regarding liability, but we need to achieve a balance that protects the carriers while also fairly opens the system to the campaigns who want to utilize it.”

Revolution Messaging outlined several areas that need to be addressed in order to render the contributions by text message system workable for actual campaigns.

Accessibility:  In order to allow more federal political action committees and campaigns to take advantage of these new and innovative way to raise money, through mobile phones, several changes need to be made.  This includes allowing campaigns to share short codes, which is the infrastructure behind the service. Currently each organization needs its own code, which is costly and time consuming to seek approval for each.  Revolution Messaging is proposing a system whereby committees and campaigns can share short codes, cutting down the cost and turn-around time for these fast moving organizations.

Affordability:  Revolution Messaging strongly urges the FEC to cut the cost of collecting donations through this system.  Currently, carriers can charge a service fee of 40 percent, which is higher than the usual and normal rate for non-profit organizations.  In fact, purveyors of pornography and horoscopes are the types of organizations that pay up to a 40 percent service fee.  Political committees should not be treated the same as these types of organizations, and the rate should be low enough to make the service competitive with credit card processing.

Transparent:  In order to create a system that is widely used, it is important that there betransparency as to who can use the service. In other words, CTIA and the carriers should not be able to decide which federal campaign gets to register or promote a short code and which campaigns or committees do not.  The FEC has never allowed private groups determine who should be allowed into a vehicle of raising money and who should not..  Revolution Messaging believes that the FEC should not allow codes to be approved or not approved based on if the carrier likes a campaign or a candidate or does not like a campaign or candidate.

Another important variable in the move towards transparency is allowing users to report their identification information to expand the service beyond the anonymous $50 per billing cycle donations allowed currently.  Revolution Messaging is uniquely positioned to implement safeguards against illegal contributions, while at the same time collecting the information required for political contributions.  They maintain the ability to responsibly collect and maintain wireless user data, including the name, address, employer and occupation of specific wireless number users.

The Fight Continues…

Our team here at Revolution Messaging is continuing our fight to end political text message spam and people are paying attention. The Associated Press put out an article by Beth Fouhy helping spread our message to the Federal Communications Commission – they must end this practice now before it becomes even more costly for voters. We are asking everyone to visit to sign our petition and end political text spam today.

But that’s not all we have going on here – our tasty friend Sammy has something to say as well: No matter how tasty, a bribe is still a bribe. Atlantic writer Nancy Scola wrote an article on our talking sandwich video questioning presidential nominee Mitt Romney and Representative Paul Ryan’s motives for handing out free sandwiches during the Wisconsin GOP primary.

What will we come out with next? You’ll just have to wait and see.

No Matter How Tasty, A Bribe Is Still A Bribe

There are some days at Revolution Messaging when defending democracy involves cutting edge technology, organizing members via mobile, getting websites developed and producing top-notch media.

Then there are other days when we make a talking sandwich video.

During the Wisconsin GOP primary election, Governor Mitt Romney and Rep. Paul Ryan were seen at Cousins Subs in Waukesha illegally soliciting voters with a tasty free sandwich.

Romney was not just being unpresidential by doling out sandwiches, but he was participating in small time fraud – the sort of petty crime that even Richard Nixon would turn his nose up at.

This may not have swayed the outcome in Wisconsin, but won’t someone think of the sandwiches?