Fighting for equality at a higher frequency

Since its founding in 2012, UltraViolet has become a leader in the nationwide fight for equality. Revolution Messaging established an artistic visual messaging strategy through web, social, and printed media that helped to embolden the equality movement in a matter of months.

UltraViolet now has a membership of almost 750,000. Revolution Messaging has been there every step of the way to provide social media shareables, video content, microsite build out, social media management and advertising.

UltraViolet listens and reacts to the national conversation across the whole spectrum, communicating with members in real time. This full-service focus allows UltraViolet to be a nimble player in the ever-changing landscape of public opinion and the media, leading to their continued success.

Artistically, Revolution Messaging integrates tone and aesthetic to create visual messaging that is authentic to UltraViolet. As a team, we crystallize the message and design simultaneously by selecting colors for saturation and hue or fonts for mood and readability to reflect the subject matter of each item. Be they serious, ominous, sarcastic, or upbeat, our creative decisions evolve alongside rapidly unfolding initiatives. This limber approach coupled with the group’s impeccable timing on social media and outright sass exudes an attitude that works well to steer donors, members and media toward serious conversations and successful sharing initiatives.

Whether through protest signs or grocery guides, UltraViolet and Revolution Messaging have found great success by embracing artistic freedom and creativity. This model has inspired a love for art and advancement in other equality groups, and the momentum continues to grow.



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