In the wake of the election, millions of stunned Americans felt impotence and despair. One was Laura Moser, a thirty nine-year-old mom who decided to turn those feelings of frustration into Daily Action.

The idea is simple: every day, subscribers to Daily Action receive a brief text message telling them about one quick action. They press the phone number in the SMS text, listen to a short message about the action they’ll be taking, and from there are routed to their member of Congress, a government agency, a business or someone we think needs to hear from Daily Action. It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s effective—and it’s growing exponentially.

Daily Action follows the news cycles closely to determine where we can collectively make the greatest impact, and organize one action every workday to make our voices heard loud and clear. The point is to remove the hurdles from civic engagement.

The movement is powered by Revolution Messaging’s Revere Platform, using Calling, Mobile, Direction and Landing technology to mobilize progressive activists against Trump and the extreme Republican Congress. Our creative team developed the logo and brand to exemplify the urgency and efficacy of the movement.

Daily Action has emerged as a source for people to learn—in quick, easily digestible talking points—about the daily news cycle. Before being connected to the day’s target contact, callers listen to a brief recorded message describing that day’s issue. Daily Action also posts relevant write-ups and news articles on its Facebook and Twitter pages.

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