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   May, 2011

101 Days Later

Today is Day 101 of the fight for hardworking Americans standing up for their rights in Wisconsin and, now, all across the country. Where were you 101 days ago, February 14, 2011, when the first pro-labor protests began? Were you one of the hundreds of UW students and supporters that marched up to the Capitol to deliver Valentine’s Day cards to Governor Scott Walker in response to his union-busting bill? Were you at work, reading about the march on blogs or Twitter? Were you looking for ways to support Wisconsin workers remotely – whether through donations, media coverage, or just general encouragement?

No matter where you were, we’re all here, on Day 101, together and still fighting. We’ve come a long way, with some successes and some setbacks, but the fire is still ignited, the people are still empowered.

Wisconsinites have successfully gathered enough signatures to recall nine GOP state senators, with the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board clearing the way for three of them to go to a special election on July 12 – those three are state Senators Dan Kapanke of La Crosse, Randy Hopper of Fond du Lac and Luther Olsen of Ripon.  With these recalls, there is the opportunity for the state Senate to switch hands and finally have people in office who truly listen to their community.

And of course we all remember when Wisconsin was shut out of their own Capitol, locked out and denied entry into a public space. Today, entrances are still limited and visitors are made to walk through metal detectors at the only two doors open. Even though Scott Walker continues to defy laws, Wisconsinites are still fighting and showing up to the Capitol.

Progress is still being made and will continue to be made in the struggle for unions. The countdown for a Scott Walker recall is 223 days away – so let the fight continue.


The Revolution Volunteers in the Community

Revolution Messaging celebrated May Day a little early this year, volunteering at DC Central Kitchen on Friday, April 29. In honor of the International day of labor, we spent our morning cutting radishes, tomatoes, and onions (sorry to Jason who had to cut them for 4 hours straight), getting a workout stirring large pots, and bagging lunches for children’s’ organizations and groups around the area.  A very productive morning for the Revolution!

Rich waiting to start the day:

Sam had a great time cutting radishes all four hours:

Keegan took on stirring some meat sauce for lasagna:

Jason shows off his hairnet:

Ally was hard at work cutting tomatoes:

John and Courtney took time to smile for a picture:

Kayla and Scott packaged sandwiches, fruit and trail mix for kids’ lunches:

Thank you DC Central Kitchen for everything you do for the community! We were thankful to lend a helping hand.