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   March, 2011

National Day of Unplugging

Sometimes it can feel like technology is taking over. But now we have an app that puts a stop to technology – at least for 24 hours. The Sabbath Manifesto app, an idea put together by the Jewish organization Reboot, helps you unplug from the world around you – no texting, tweeting, emailing, Facebook checking. It encourages you to go out and reconnect face to face with family and friends – reconnect with the world and disconnect from technology.

The Sabbath Manifest app supports Reboot’s second annual National Day of Unplugging – planned for March 4 to 5 – a 24-hour window to leave your phone behind and enjoy the day technology free. Reboot is using this app as a “modern-spin on the ancient notion of a day of rest.”

To download the app, all you must do is text REBOOT to 738674 and it will be sent directly to your phone. The app allows you to automatically send out messages to friends and family to remind them you are participating in the modern way of rest – a day unplugged. These messages can be sent through Facebook or Twitter, and in return, you will get text messages reminding you when it’s time to observe the Sabbath Manifesto.

The concept of the app is meant to be interpreted differently by each person. One person might use the app to cease texting for a day while another person may avoid all types of cellular technology: emailing, calling, tweeting, etc.

No matter how you choose to use this app and observe the modern day of rest, the Sabbath Manifesto wants to hear your stories, whether you’re taking the challenge solo or observing it as part of a team.