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   October, 2009

High Voter Turnout Among Concert Goers

Finding locations and events that supply visibility and plenty of opportunity to reach new voters on an extensive scale is key to carrying out a successful registration effort. Approaching folks at the usual candidate support rallies and debate watch parties are useful methods, but entertaining and exciting happenings attract a diverse constituency offering the ability to organize around people’s own individual interests. Head Count is one such organization leading the charge to improving voter registration efforts using the power of music. In their recent study, Head Count concluded that 72% of people registered at concerts voted. An impressive statistic!

Revolution Messaging on NPR

Via NPR:

Scott Goodstein was in charge of then-Sen. Barack Obama’s social networking strategy during the presidential campaign. This week, he’s a panelist at the Future of Music Coalition Policy Summit in Washington, D.C. He speaks to guest host Jacki Lyden about the future of marketing, media and music in the Internet age.