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   August, 2009

The Obama New Media Operation

A great, and very detailed, report on Obama for America’s New Media operation. Definitely take some time to read it. Here is a small piece from their conclusions:

The Obama for America campaign took place at a unique moment in history and achieved unparalleled success online. Since that time, the context of online organizing has continued to change. Much of the campaign took place before the worst of the economic downturn, and the climate for all fundraising has since become much more challenging. And in the past six months, we’ve seen social networks like Twitter continue to explode, and others, like Facebook, make their tools much more accessible for nonprofits. So, although much can be learned from OFA’s successes (and failures), what was true for the Obama campaign six to 12 months ago simply may not be true today.

As you consider this report’s findings, please also bear in mind that our report focused more deeply on online fundraising results because those were so significant, visible and relatively easy to track. However, many of these tactics can be applied to other organizational initiatives, ranging from advocacy to public education to volunteer engagement.