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Deadline Approaching to Enter Apps for Communities Challenge

Looking for your next challenge? Apps for Communities is hosting a contest to develop an app that helps improve daily life in cities – making local public information more personalized, usable and actionable. The contest, led by the Knight Foundation and the FCC, is looking to help people who don’t have easy access to the Internet, giving them the information they need on their cell phone while promoting broadband adoption.

The contest offers $100,000 in prizes, with $30,000 going to the winner, $20,000 for 2nd, $30,000 for 3rd and other prizes for different categories, including best design and best use of SMS.

Apps for Communities created a forum to share ideas and vote on any favorites.

Up to the challenge? Can you help improve the lives of those in your community who don’t have easy access to the Internet?

The deadline is approaching – Have your submission in by October 3!